20 Disney Princess Costumes For Girls This Halloween!

Disney Princess CostumesWho doesn’t want to be a princess for a day?! Here are some really cute Disney Princess Costumes that would be great for this Halloween, or hey buy and use for dress up all year round! They have such adorable ones to pick from, it would be hard to choose! Some will be the same princess just a different look, so you have options!

You can click on the name of the dress below or the pictures and it will take you over to buy the item! I hope this all will give you some inspiration for your little princess this Halloween!

Find an Adult Disney Princess Costume for yourself, by clicking here!

Disney Princess Costumes That Are A MUST This Halloween! 

 Disney Princess Ariel Dress Loel Princess Snow Queen ANNA ELSA FROZEN FEVER Disney Princess Rapunzel Dress Dress Classic Elena of Avalor Disney Princess Jasmine Disguise Cinderella Movie Disney Princess Belle Dress Disney Princess Cinderella Dress ReliBeauty Girls Princess Aurora Dress


  1. Ariel Dress 
  2. Loel Princess Snow Queen
  3. American Vogue ANNA ELSA FROZEN FEVER
  4. Rapunzel Dress
  5. Disguise Elena Adventure Dress 
  6. Princess Jasmine 
  7. Cinderella Movie Deluxe Costume
  8. Princess Belle
  9. Princess Cinderella Dress
  10.  Princess Aurora Dress 


 Frozen Inspired Dress Storybook Cinderella Princess Brave Merida Beauty and Beast Princess Dress Frozen Anna Coronation Gown Cottage Princess Costume Merida Dress Aurora Classic Disney Princess Sleeping Beauty Frozen Princess Anna Deluxe Snow White Costume


  1. Frozen Inspired Dress  
  2. Storybook Cinderella  
  3.  Princess Brave Merida 
  4.   Beauty and Beast Princess Dress 
  5.   Frozen Anna Coronation Gown 
  6. Cottage Princess Costume 
  7.   Merida Dress
  8.  Aurora Classic Disney Princess Sleeping Beauty
  9.  Frozen Princess Anna Deluxe 
  10. Snow White Costume  

I hope you can find a dress that will work for you this season. These are all for little girls, but if you search Adult Disney Princess Costumes and a ton will come up!

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How to Make a Natural Spider Repellent- Two Steps!

How to Make A Natural Spider Repellent Using Essential Oil

diy spider spray

If you could ask me one thing I would love to see less of, it would be spiders! We live in the country now and it seems like I see twice as many as when I did in town! Here is how to make a natural spider repellent at home using essential oils! If your interested in making this, then keep reading! It is a nice safe non-toxic way to spray your home for spiders and not have to worry about chemicals! With Clay being so young, I worry about spraying with harsh chemicals and him coming into contact with it and getting sick, so this is a great alternative, and it makes your home smell amazing!

 Empty Amber Glass Spray Bottle Peppermint Essential Oil 4 oz


I didn’t realize this when I first was using Essential oils, but you need to put them in a glass bottle if you use them for sprays. If they are in a plastic bottle it can eat away the plastic or cave the bottle in. The essential oils are to strong for plastic. I picked up my glass bottle on Amazon, and had it shipped to my house!

How to Make a Natural Spider Repellent- Two Steps!



  1. First off you want to take warm water and fill your glass spray bottle almost to the top.
  2. Then add in 10-15 drops of the peppermint essential oil.
  3. Put the lid on and shake the bottle really well, then spray around the the entry ways of your home, windows, and anywhere you think spiders can creep in.
  4. Do this 1 time per week, and it will help minimize spiders getting into your home. Every time you go to spray it, SHAKE it up first, or it will not work.

natural spider repellent

Bye Bye Spiders – Nice Knowing You! 

As you can see it is really easy to make this DIY natural spider repellent. I have found it is helping to minimize how many spiders we see on the regular! In Kansas we have some poisonous spiders so I want to do everything I can to get rid of them! You do have to do this each week, you just spray doorways, windows, base boards, or anywhere you think spiders can sneak in! Each time you simply shake your bottle, that helps disperse the peppermint in the water, and start spraying! It takes just a few minutes to get it done, and is so worth it, if you hate spiders like me!

Now I want to say we still see a spider here and there, since using the spray I have seen a lot less spiders! That makes my heart just sing with joy!


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5 Ways to Travel Cheaply When Your Younger!

travel cheaplyHere are some fun ways to travel cheaply when you are young! One of my sisters loves to travel, she is in her 30’s and still travels all the time! She has got to swim with sea turtles, gone on numerous cruises, and seen so many parts of the world! I know she wants to travel so much more, that is where her heart feels happiest! For someone like her, traveling fuels her soul, and I think it is great she can get to see all over the world! Plus she brings me back chocolate from all over the world so I can’t complain! Whether you are loading up your car and hitting the open road, or flying around the world, these options could fit your needs!


Hostels are a great way to save a little money. They offer different options for different budgets, which is nice! Hostels are normally a shared bathroom kind of situation. When you are traveling to a neat location, you barely spend time in the hotel besides sleeping so this could be a great option. You can get hostels for ten plus people and more. It is a neat idea!

Student Rates 

Okay here is something I learned! If you are under the age of 25 and still in college, you might look into youth rates for travel discounts. I didn’t realize some airlines, hotels, events taking place and such sometimes offer a youth rate for kids in college. It is worth asking about to see if it is an option!

Pack Snacks and Drinks

Depending on where you are going and how long, think about packing your own snacks and drinks. This can save you quite a lot of money, if you stop and think. If you are hitting the road and stop a few times for gas and get a drink you could be spending $5 or more each stop. But if you pack snacks and drinks it can cut the cost by over half.

Travel in the cities with fewer tourist attractions

Think outside the box on where you want to travel, find places that are not hit hard by tourist! You can find cheaper lodging, and still have a lot of neat things to do! Nature hikes, visit museums and more. Just make sure to look into different cities that may be a lot of fun but not a huge tourist attraction place. You can always search online the city and put in things to do, and it will pop up with local events.

Online Deal Sites for Dining Out and Lodging 

If you use like Groupon or Living Social you can find deals on food, hotels, and events. This is a great way to search for the place you are traveling to and score some special deals instead of paying full price.

I hope these little ideas can help you to cut a few corners and make traveling a little bit more easier!

What is the funnest place you have ever traveled to?! 

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50 Halloween Indoor Decorations To Make This Halloween Extra Special!

halloween decoration ideas

I know I am a little early for Halloween/Fall but I just can’t help it! The thought of apple cider, fall leaves, cold nights, and warm sweaters just warms my heart! It has been one hot and humid summer so I am a little envious of the thought of cooler weather! Plus I just went shopping today for my birthday and bought a bunch of winter/Fall clothes!

I tried to find items to fit everyone’s style, verses just focus on maybe things I prefer. I am not huge into skulls and scary things, I like it to be more cute, but I know a lot of people enjoy the scary part of Halloween. Here are 50 Halloween indoor decorations items including front porch decor you might enjoy!

From Cute to Scary and Everything In Between

1. Beistle Halloween Mobile Hanging Party Decorating Item, 30-Inch – $5.23

2. Haunted Grave Scene Setter Kit – $14.87

3. Beistle Zombies Lab Door Cover, 30 by 5-Inch – $5.73

4. Ceramic LED Halloween Figurine – Pumpkins, LED Ghost, and Black Cat With Witch Hat – $20.00

5. Halloween Garland – Orange with Black Bats-15 Feet – $8.99

6. Halloween Swirls Mega Value Pack – $9.91

7. Halloween Burlap Banner – $16.50

8. Morbid Enterprises The Exorcist Doorway Drape – $19.10

9. Luci Spooky – Halloween Inflatable Solar Lights Skull – $11.99

10. Adorox Vintage Cast Iron Reproduction Skeleton Key Set – $9.99

11. Forum Novelties Ghostly Indoor/Outdoor Spirits Wall Decoration – $7.95

12. Spooky Glitter Paper Chandelier, Ravens, Skulls, Spiders, and Bats Decorating Kit (17 pieces) – $13.53

13. 4′ Indoor/Outdoor Lighted Green Spider Web Halloween Lights – $12.99

14. Halloween Hanging Party Decorations – Adorable Honeycomb Spider, Ghost, and Bat – Set of 3 – $7.98

15. Beistle Witch Bathroom Cover – $5.16

16. Beistle Bloody Gauze, 24-Feet – $6.01

17. Modern Halloween Printed Lanterns – $8.19

18. Skeleton and Reaper Wall Decor – $7.95

19. Morbid Enterprises Hanging Ghost with Sickle Halloween Decor – $28.99

20. 13 Inch Light Up Scarecrow Head Halloween Prop with Spooky Sounds – $29.95

21. Gothic Mansion Portraits Wall Decorations, 2-33.5″ x 65″ – $6.29

22. Halloween Witch’s Brew Foil Swirl Decoration Value Pack- 12 Pack – $8.12

23. Impact Innovations Halloween Shimmer Lighted Window Decoration, Jacky – $17.93

24. Morgue Wall Decoration 4’X 5′ – $5.00

25. Stuffed Witch Legs Halloween Decoration – Purple – $14.99

26. Lamp Jack O Lantern Pumpkin Mosaic Style UL Resin & Metal Indoor Outdoor Halloween – $14.00

27. Luci Spooky – Halloween Inflatable Solar Lights Moon – $11.99

28. Forum Novelties Haunted House Roll Indoor/Outdoor Dripping Blood Wall Border, 20′, Red – $5.93

29. Shindigz Halloween Decoration Enter At Your Own Risk Tattered Cloth – $13.74

30. 16″ Halloween Skeleton Hanging Prop Decor Yard Indoor Party Grave – $11.99

31. Witch Legs Party Garland with Broom Tassels – 10-foot Banner – $12.99

32. Halloween Spooky Eyes Suction Window Decoration – Orange – $22.75

33. Giant Spider Web and Giant Spiders Halloween Decoration – $27.78

34. LED Light Up Metal Ghost Marquee by Darice Halloween Decorations Decor – $24.99

35. Halloween Home Decoration 5 Pc Set – $9.49

36. Langxun Halloween Pumpkin & Bat & Skull Balloons – $9.99

37. 5 Foot Plastic Skeleton – $28.41

38. Hanging White Faceless Reaper Ghost Halloween Decoration – $24.99

39. Halloween Glitter Witch Party TRICK OR TREAT Ribbon Banner Garland Decoration – $11.00

40. Luci Spooky – Halloween Inflatable Solar Lights Spider – $11.99

41. Trick or Treat Wooden Halloween Wall Sign – 12″ – $8.99

42. EverKid Halloween Decorations Paper Lanterns with LED Light, pack of 5 – Skeleton,Bats,Jack-O,Spiders – $15.99

43. Halloween Green Garland with Black Bats-15 Feet – $6.99

44. Hanging Wooden Halloween Glitter Sign- Orange with Black Bats and White and Black Polka Dot Moon – $7.99

45. Halloween 2 Skulls Pirate Decor – $16.42

46. Halloween Striped Halloween Signs- Set of Three – “Boo To You”, “Happy Halloween”, “Witches And Broomsticks” – $9.99

47. Sound and Motion Activated Hanging Dropping Spider Indoor Halloween Decoration with Lights – $29.99

48. Candy Corn Kitchen 3-piece Gift Set – 1 Spreader and 2 Dishtowels – $12.00

49. Modern Halloween Glitter Cutouts- Owls, Bats, and Pumpkins- 9 Pack – $7.04

50. Witch Legs Table Runner- Orange with Black Polka Dots and Stripes – $19.99

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What to Pack for Comfort When Traveling

comfort when travelingWhether you hit the open road in your car, and drive across states or hop on an airplane, bus, or train you will want to have some comfort when you travel! Here are some really great items to make sure to pack. Depending on if you fly or drive, will depend on if it is a good fit for you to take! I have never flown, as I have an extreme fear, so we normally hit the open roads and drive when we travel! It is nice to see all the scenery, but it does take a lot longer!

Here are some items you might consider to pack for comfort when traveling for a trip or vacation! These might make the getting there a little bit easier!

 Bose QuietComfort 3 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones, Black Beats Executive Over-Ear Noise Cancelling Headphones (Black)


Noise Canceling Headphones 

Noise Canceling headphones is a really great items to pack. If you are around other people you can listen to music, watch a movie and not hear all the background noise, it is the top item I recommend taking with you anywhere you go!

 Travelmate Memory Foam Neck Pillow, Dark Blue


Neck Pillow 

Oh how I love a good neck pillow, this will help if you want to lean back and rest and not kink up your neck. I love using this even for in the house in recliner, it works like a charm! I have this exact pillow as pictured above and it is amazingly soft, it is memory foam!

 Apple iPad Air 2 10-Inch 16GB HDD Tablet, Gold



I love my iPad so that is what I enjoy using, but you can use any tablet you have. You can have fun playing games, streaming tv shows or whatever. This helps pass the time tremendously. Or if you want to work it is slim to carry around to log on and do a little work!

 Polanfo 20000 MAh External Battery Power Bank for Smartphone & Tablets


Portable Charger

It is never fun when you travel and you drain your battery on phone or tablet and are left staring off into space. So make sure to pack a portable charger, they are pretty inexpensive now a days and can be a lifesaver!

 Vera Bradley, Paisley in Paradise



With all the stuff you will take, why not have a nice little bag to carry it in, like this cute tote! Granted find something to match your style, and who knows you might have the perfect bag laying around your house!

I hope these comfort items can be a big help on things you may have not been sure on if you want to take or not! I know for me they are essentials!

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