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Freeze Your Milk – 1 Gallon = 2 Gallon

Freezer Milk

In most houses milk is something that is used often in cooking and with kiddo’s around who drink milk it can really go fast!! With milk prices high here is a simple and easy tip that will help make that milk go longer and you can save some money!!

Buy milk when it is on sale, this is a great time to stock up on it! Then you can take 1 gallon and put into separate jugs, doing half in each, then adding some water to reach. Now milk will freeze well, but it expands so make sure to not fill all the way to the top! It expands about 8%!

The milk will turn a yellowish color when frozen but when it de-thaw’s it will go back to white!!


What other ways do you stretch a dollar in your home?!

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