Back To School Time DIY Craft – Redesigned Composition Notebook

Redesigned Composition Notebook Craft

I can’t believe that it’s almost Back to School time! Seems like summer just started. I try to ease myself back into thinking “school” as I’m a teacher, and I also know my kids want to be home just having fun too!! So, I got a couple of the plain black composition notebooks (scored by a friend at Target last year after back to school on clearance, for $0.10, that’s right, 10 cents each!!)

How cute is this Redesigned Composition Notebook?

Materials list:

Composition Notebook
Large envelope
2 pieces of school themed patterned paper 9 3/4 inches by 6 inches (measure the height of your book)
Scraps of school themed patterned paper
Letter stickers (if you want to personalize)

That’s it!!

It was so incredibly easy!! I took the plain composition notebook, and attached the 1 inch piece of paper up against the spine, then attached the book paper to the edge (it overlapped the letter paper a little bit)

Deconstructed Composition Notebook

I did the same thing for the back of the book:

Upcycled Composition Notebook

And, just to add a little “something” I adhered a large envelope to the inside of the back cover, it would be a great place to keep little papers that you don’t want to lose, or a pen/pencil!

Composition Notebook Craft

I took some letter stickers and a scrap piece from the papers and made the name tag for the front, and that was all there is to it!! I hope you’ll make some fun little notebooks for the back to schoolers in your life!

Julie Kelley is a mom, crafter, teacher and blogger at She loves to share her love of all things crafty, and co-owns a crafting crop spot where people can get together and craft at

Printable Lunchbox Love Notes for a Lunch Packed with Love

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Printable Lunchbox Love Notes for Him or Her

How do you show your loved ones you’re thinking about them when you’re not WITH them? As summer starts to come to an end and we get back into a more regular routine of school and work, those long summer days of family time are replaced by long days at school and at work. But, even though we might not be physically together, there are ways to let our kids and spouses know that we are still thinking about them throughout the day.

Snyders Pretzels Toast Chee Crackers

One of my favorite ways to do this is by packing lunches that I know will be enjoyed. For example, my husband is a BIG pretzel fan. When he has a sandwich for lunch, his choice of side is always pretzels. He likes that the convenient 100 calorie packs let him have a few with his lunch and then continue to snack on them throughout the afternoon. Since I know that, packing Snyder’s of Hanover lunch packs in his lunch makes him happy and lets him know I care enough to make him a lunch packed with love.

Lance Toast Chee Crackers

If he’s packing a snack for me, he knows to include Lance Toast Chee! I have loved these classic cracker sandwiches forever! I especially like them because they really fill me up (thanks to the 5g of protein). And, of course, they taste delicious with those crispy crackers with real peanut butter between them. (Side note – I’m also glad they contain NO no high fructose corn syrup.) When we go bike riding, he always makes sure to pack Lance Toast Chee Crackers in his saddlebag for me because that cycling makes me hungry!

Snyders Lance Lunch Snacks

Another fun way to let my hubby know I’m thinking about him during the day is by including a little lunchbox love note. While we have shared lunchbox notes for kids here before, grown-ups need those reminders of love too! To make it easy for you to make your own lunches packed with love for your husband, wife, partner or significant other, we have these fun printable lunchbox love notes!

Lunchbox Love Notes for him or her

Using the lunchbox love notes is simple. Just print them out HERE using either regular copy paper or, even better, heavyweight paper. Then cut them out, add your own personal touch and slip them into their lunchbox. If you want to be sure they find it, you can even tape it onto the front of their Snyder pretzel pack or Lance Toast Chee!

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  • Second Prize – Tablets (The tech kind, not the paper kind!)
  • Third Prizes – $50 Gift Cards for school supplies
  • Fourth Prizes – Swag – include robot keychain, chip clips, can cooler, thermos

Just head on over to enter the sweepstakes HERE and while you’re visiting, be sure to check out more fun lunch packing inspiration!

Lance Snyder Back to School Sweepstakes

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Homemade Felt Christmas Tree Ornaments

Homemade Felt Christmas Tree Ornaments

There is a lot to wrap, label, and hang up around the holidays. We buy a lot of this around the holidays from gifts all the way down to the ornaments that we hang on our trees. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. You and your kids can make custom, homemade felt tree ornaments to adorn your Christmas tree.

These aren’t hard to make either. In fact, we are going to teach you how to make some simple felt ornaments below.

What Do You Need to Make Felt Ornaments?

The first thing you need to consider is what you will need to make these ornaments. Of course, you will need felt as well as some thread or embroidery floss, an embroidery needle, and cardboard. The exact instructions on how to use these will vary depending on the exact ornament you are crafting.

Each of these ornaments will also be stuffed with stuffing as well. You can choose to leave the cardboard template in instead but most people do not.

DIY Felt Christmas Tree Ornaments

How to Make a Felt Candy Cane Ornament

The first thing you will want to do is to make an ornament out of cardboard. This will serve as your template. Then, make a red candy cane and a white one. The white candy cane is your base but you will want to cut the red candy cane into strips.

You will want to sew the red strips – every other one to be exact – into place with red embroidery floss. This will keep them in place much easier and is far more reliable than glue would be. If you want, you can also sew the edges of the candy cane with red embroidery floss as well.

How to Make a Christmas Tree Ornament

The first thing you need to do is to make your template once again. For a Christmas tree, you have a couple choices. The simplest option is to make a triangle with a rectangle sticking out of it for the base. However, you can also use rounder and more detailed designs as well.

But what is a Christmas tree without decorations? You can use beads and embroidery floss to create the illusion of tinsel, decorations, and ornaments on your tree. You could even add some bows if you want!

How to Make a Mitten Felt Ornament

A mitten is another winter themed ornament that can be made to decorate your Christmas tree. Once again, you will need to take your cardboard and make a base. Of course, this will be simple as mittens have a uniform shape so you won’t have too much creativity to your ornament just yet.

You will then take whatever color felt you please and make the base of the mitten. Then you can attach a small, rectangular piece for the bottom of the mitten. Remember to use embroidery floss for this and not glue so that it stays on properly.

You can then decorate your mitten much like you did your tree. Use embroidery floss, buttons, bows, and beads to your heart’s content to make the perfect mitten in your mind.

How to Make a House Felt Ornament

This is probably the most complex option on this list but don’t worry! You start the same way as the others – with a cardboard base. Then you will want to cover the template with felt, attaching the colors to one another with embroidery floss.

You will also want to attach a door and window with embroidery floss as well. You can then decorate it as you please with embroidery floss, bows, buttons, and more.

How to Make a Basic Felt Ornament

From the most complex to the most simple; how do you make a simple Christmas ornament out of felt? To do this, you will want you to create a circular template from cardboard. Then, you can choose a color of felt you want your ornament to be.

Finally, you can decorate the ornament how you want. This can be further felt decorations or, once again, beads, bows, embroidery floss and more.

How to Create a Hanger For Your Ornaments

Of course, each of these ornaments needs a hanger. This is rather simple, though, and can be done in a couple seconds. The loop can be made out of embroidery floss or yarn. You simply need to make a loop and attach it by sewing it into place.

Make sure that this loop is big enough to fit on a branch so the ornament can go on the tree. Remember, it’s okay if the loop is a little big but if it’s small it can be problematic.

Benefits of Using Felt Ornaments

There are some benefits of using felt ornaments around the holidays. Now that we have gone over how to make these ornaments, let’s take a look at how these ornaments can benefit you.

Easy for Kids and Adults

Young children may need help with the sewing but generally this is a great chance for the whole family to pitch in. With each member of the family helping out, you’ll have the whole tree decorated in no time.

A Great Outlet for Creativity

The great thing about felt ornaments is the fact that no two are exactly the same. So, you get the chance to be creative and make something all your own. This is great to see the ideas that you and your family will come up with.

Inexpensive Option

One benefit of making felt ornaments is that they are inexpensive. All the craft supplies that you need are relatively cheap and the entire project can cost you less than buying a new set of ornaments from the store.


Now that you know how to make these ornaments, it is easy to get started. You know the benefits, materials, and basic instructions to get you ready to go. So, go ahead and let your creativity fly and make some felt ornaments to adorn your Christmas tree.

Homemade Felt Christmas Tree Ornaments are a fun, pretty and easy-to-make Christmas craft project for both kids and adults!

DIY Joy Christmas Sign – Tis The Season to Be Jolly!

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DIY Craft Today – JOY Christmas Sign

christmas joy signs

I am really trying to prepare this year for Christmas, before I know it, snow will be on the ground and carols being sung! I was sent a bunch of stunning holiday ribbon and I wanted to create this really fun JOY Christmas Sign! I actually already had the letters, I used them taking photos of a family! Before Clay was born I did photography for families a little on the side. Nothing major just a fun little hobby!

It is quite early to fully be thinking of Christmas, I know! But, I had the ribbon, I was itching to do something so I did. I took pictures of it out, but I took it down and stored it with all my Christmas Decor. In a few months I will pull it out and decorate for real!

24 Yard Christmas Ribbon24 Yard Christmas Ribbon


The fun thing about making this DIY Joy Christmas Sign is that you can get really creative when choosing your ribbon! You can get glitter, burlap, polka-dot, cute prints and more. Just use whatever will compliment your home and add some Christmas cheer! If you end up with extra ribbon, you can always use it to make bows for your gifts this year! 

If you like to craft, I would really check them out, they have a ton of pretty ribbons to choose from for any occasion!

Joy Christmas Sign 

Joy Christmas Sign

This craft is really easy to do, so here are the steps below on how to make this beautiful Christmas joy sign!


J and Y Letters (I used wood ones and painted them and added glitter)
Styrofoam Wreath
Pins or Hot Glue Glun


First off if you have letters and you want to paint them, then do so. Spray paint works great. Mine I spray painted black, then took a good layer of modge podge and coated them, and sprinkled with glitter. Let dry, repeated till they reached how glittery I wanted. Then I spray painted a clear coat on them so the glitter wouldn’t fall off.

With your wreath, take your ribbon and secure it with either hot glue or a pin on the inside, like pictured above. Then start wrapping your ribbon tightly around the wreath. Once it is all wrapped just secure it with another pin on the inside so you can see it, or hot glue it.

And your done! Set your letters on a shelf, hang them on the wall, or do whatever you would like!

I wish I had a tutorial for my letters I painted and sparkled up, I just had them already done from years ago. I share in the steps how to do it, it was really easy! You can choose any colors you want, ribbon and such to fit your style! This is a very versatile craft, that is easy to do! 

DIY joy Christmas Sign

Stay tuned for more holiday crafts, that will be coming soon!

120-Piece Gel Pens Set: Craft and Coloring Fun!

Even as a grown-up, I LOVE to have lots of colors to create and color. What is extra fun is GEL PENS!! And, the more colors the better! Right now Amazon has this highly rated Shuttle Art 120-Piece Gel Pens Set available for just $14.97! Shipping is free for Prime members or on orders of $25 or more.

Not only does this set contain 120 individual colors (no duplicates!), it also includes nine different color types including glitter, metallic, swirl, and more. It’s a quality set with long lasting, durable tips, smooth writing, non-toxic, acid free. This set also gets AWESOME reviews! Over 1300 people have weighed in and given it an average of 4 1/2 stars!

Looking for something fun to do with your brand newShuttle Art 120-Piece Gel Pens Set? Check out our list of free printable adult coloring pages. We all know coloring isn’t just for kids any more!

Get Crafty with this 120-Piece Gel Pens Set! Not only does this set contain 120 individual colors (no duplicates!), it also includes nine different color types including glitter, metallic, swirl, and more.