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Give Old Picture Frames New Life – Money Saver!

Yard Sale Season- Buy Old Picture Frames for Cheap!!! 


Give Old Picture Frames New Life

With yard sale season upon us, I wanted to share one simple way to give old picture frames new life! You can find picture frames everywhere for sale for $0.10-$1! Budget shops, yard sales, and more. So instead of paying high dollar for new ones, why not save some money and do a little craft with some old ones! I am all about having fun things but not breaking the bank!

I was given these frames from my husbands grandma, like a year ago, they have just been sitting collecting dust as you can see! I thought finally I have a little free time why not, grab them and put on a fresh coat of paint! This is a really fast and easy project anyone can do, you don’t have to be a major crafter!


For this I bought some Spouncers, they are little foam brushes you use to paint with. You dab them on to whatever you are painting, so for this it gives it a little bit of a bubble look which I personally like. You are welcome to use a regular paintbrush as well!


This Spouncer Brush gives it a fun little bubbly texture. I did put around 2-3 coats of paint on each of these. I just used craft paint that I grabbed at Walmart! You can buy it pretty much wherever you want!

new life to old picture frame

Paint them any color you would like, do a design, the world is at your fingertips! I just did solid bold colors, and they will go in Clay’s room!!



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