How to Start a Blog and Make Money Series: Post 1

Learn How to Blog and Make Money

I am going to start this series to help you learn how to start up a blog and make money! This will be a series of posts, as one long post will be way to much. I will split it up so it is easier! So, take the journey with me and stay tuned for each post with more information on how to start blogging!

I am going to focus on creating a self-hosted blog, you can use other outlets for blogging but this is what I do, so I know it and have found success with it. A self-hosted WordPress blog does require a small investment, most bloggers use WordPress, it is the most popular route. is by far the #1 platform for building successful blogs! I started on Blogger and ended up moving to WordPress later on, and that was a horrible pain and I paid money to get it done!

Decide on Name and a URL for Your Site

How to Start a Blog and Make Money

First off you need to decide what your blog is going to be name, and then what the URL will be. Tip here is pick a name that is easy to say and remember, and not to long. I didn’t do that with this blog, I should have but didn’t know this tip. So come up with a fun name that is simple and easy. The url will be the name you decide:

Create a Name

Google your name idea to ensure their are no other sites with the same name. If no site comes up, then your site name is available. If it comes back with a link to a site, you have to think up another name! You can’t copy off of anyone, no two sites can have the same name. Make sure your name is easy to spell and say! If you can’t spell it very easy, people could have a hard time finding your site. Like I said earlier I missed that memo when I created my site!

You need to also think what you will be writing on. Will it be about your love for animals, parenting, how to create crafts, and so on. Make your name fit what you will mostly be writing about. They recommend that you pick just a few areas to write on or even just one. It helps people know exactly what they are coming to your site to read!

Just make sure your name and what you will write on will pair nicely. You don’t want your name to be Paradise Destinations and talk about how you parent your children. Make sure it flows nicely.

Domain and Hosting

Once you have a domain name picked out you will need to buy it. You can go through Name Cheap, Go Daddy, etc to buy your domain names. I have mine through Name Cheap.

Next is hosting, Bluehost is a good one! Over 800,000 would use Bluehost for their hosting! If you want to make money on your blog you have to pay for hosting. Creating a free blog and making money is against policy, so buying  a hosting package is the way to go. Bluehost has tutorials on how to set it up, which is really nice!!!


Designing Your Website

Now, if you are tech savvy you might be able to do this yourself! You can search out YouTube videos that can share how to create a header and such! They will have a better chance for you to understand than me typing it all out, you can actually see the steps to take!

For software I love using PicMonkey to create things. You can edit pictures or create blank canvases and add text and graphics! PicMonkey also has tutorials on how to use their software if you struggle with it at all! They offer a free and paid service. The paid service does give you a little bit more options, and I use paid, it looks more professional! BUT Free is good to if you can’t afford it.

You will want a header, which is like what you see at the top that says ChicnSavvy Review’s.


Stay tuned for the next post, this will be good for now to get you started! It will take some planning and time on your part to find what you really want!

Next Posts will be writing posts successfully and monetizing your site! 

Learn How To Blog For Money

Pajama Affiliates: Helping Bloggers Succeed Learn to Blog for Money

Making money on your own site is something that some people just excel at and others have to work a little bit to get somewhere! I am one of those people who works to get the little money I do make. I have been searching for years for that special answer to get me rich, and I have yet to fully find it. Here is what I have found most useful when you want to Learn How To Blog For Money! Pajama affiliates has given me the tools for success! 

Learn How to Blog for Money

What I have learned is you work for what you get, and I am okay with that. I have found Pajama Affiliates, and their lessons they teach really have helped me gain some affiliate sales, which is nice. I have not finished all the courses, I am still pretty new to it, but what I will say is I am seeing progress!

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If you are looking to make money on your blog, sign up at Pajama Affiliates today! Yes, each course does cost, but what I have found here is more successful then any other information I have come across.  I finally decided I needed to invest in their teachings and see if it pays off.

Pajama Affiliates has a Facebook group as well once you buy in to a class, that will be a great support system! You can ask questions you are wanting to know, and everyone is friendly and does there best to help answer them. If you have a question with a class you are taking just ask and you get an answer pretty quickly from one of the leaders.

Some Pajama Affiliate Classes Available: 

Affiliate Marketing Business Bundle

Blogging and Affiliate Marketing Course for Beginners

Keyword and Seo for Beginners

WordPress Site in a Day


Pajama Affiliates

You can find how to set up a wordpress blog if you are starting out, learn more on SEO and keywords, and more. What I love about this program is it is great for beginners and experts! You can always gain more knowledge that will help you grow and become bigger and better!

Why DO I Love Pajama Affiliates?! amazon sales

Here is a clip from my Amazon Affiliate account, I blacked out my tracking codes, as those are personal. But as you can see I have clicks and made a few sales! These sales all were from last month, so a total of 7. Now, I am really new at this and just starting to input the tools I have learned, so it isn’t a lot, but we all start somewhere! 

I have struggled with SEO and Keywords forever, and I have searched the web trying to bring knowledge on how to do it all, and found really nothing. Free stuff that people share only gets you so far. Buying theses classes they offer, has helped me learn, and I love that once you buy you can watch the videos as many times as you want. You have access to it forever, which is so nice. I especially love their Facebook group, it speaks for itself. You see bloggers in there who make thousands of dollars a month, and then new bloggers who are making nothing and starting out. Then as you keep going the newbies start bringing in sales, it is really neat!

You don’t have to be a particular niche, this program fits so many different style bloggers! From reviews, one product focused blogs, parenting, and so on! If you can write about something this can work for you! You just tweak it to fit your particular needs and wants!

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Want to Start Blogging But Unsure Where to Begin? Tips On How to Start Blogging

starting a blogMan it has been awhile since I have done a blogging tip type of post! I was on a roll for awhile sharing tips and tricks and then got a bit busy with buying a new home, getting gallbladder removed, and a new baby on the way! I thought today would be a great day to start it back and share with you guys on if you are looking to start blogging!

I started blogging in 2010, I wanted to find a way to stay at home and make a little money. I didn’t know if it would work or not but I wanted to take the leap of faith and try and see if I could succeed! I had no idea what I was doing, but I did it anyway! Here are some tips on how to start blogging. They may seem basic but these are the things you might want to do to get started on the right path!

Find Your Passion: Dig deep and find an niche (area) you want to write about! Maybe you enjoy saving money and want to create a deal blog, or homeschooling, crafts, parenting, or whatever your hearts desire! As you can see I blog about a mix of things, I like to have numerous things to write about, finding something you will enjoy writing about over the years to come. Granted you can always add new categories into the mix as you grow and change over the years!

Come up with a Good Name: This is something that is very important. You want it to be simple and easy to remember. As you can tell by my name I didn’t fully know this at the time, so it was and still is hard for some people to remember. So coming up with a simple and good quality name that you will use for a long time is key. You can change the name later on, but it will cost money and time to get it switched and you could lose readers when you transfer to a new domain name, so my tip is pick a name you want to use for the lifetime of your blog!

Domain And Hosting: When I started blogging I used blogger for free, and as my site grew and I started making money I had to buy a domain and hosting and pay someone to transfer me over. It was a bit of a process and if you are super savvy you can do it yourself if you start at on blogger, but I highly suggest buying a domain and hosting at the very beginning! It will make life so much more simple in the future!

Check out Blue Host, they offer a nice low cost start on web hosting! It makes it affordable for you, and it is used by many bloggers out there big and small!

Start Social Network Sites for Your Blog: Create a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc and any other social network sites with your blog! That way when you do a post you can promote it via social network! It is great to do this when you first start so you can have free advertising to get the word out there about your site!

Create Good Content: Making sure to have good content is key in having readers come and read your site. You want to have multiple posts available for them to read or look through if they want. Keep creating new content on a regular basis, so they have a reason to come back to! If you don’t have new post available, they won’t keep coming back to your site.

Create a Email Subscription: Creating a email subscription for your readers to join if they want is another really important thing! I use Mad Mimi but there are many others out there. You can set it up so that each time you post or daily it will send out an email with your latest content so people can stay up to date on your latest posts. It has many options so you can tweak it to your needs and wants!

Once you have been blogging for awhile and have the hang of it, you may want to join affiliate programs to potentially make money, or blogger groups for sponsored posts and such! The sky is the limit to blogging!

It takes hard work and dedication but if you enjoy it and work hard you will have success! One key thing is don’t compare yourself to other bloggers, we are all different and can offer different things! We are all special!

Where to Find FREE Images For Your Blog!

Where to Find FREE Images For Your BlogI have seen this asked so many times, and I thought now was the time to finally build a post with sites that offer Free Images you can use for your blog! This is a great way to add some personality to your post, and who doesn’t love free?! Some sites have restrictions on using the pictures, so just make sure to read over, to ensure you follow their rules. So let me share where to find Free Images for your blog!

Computer Free Pixels- You can download free stock images and photo’s on this site. They have some great photo’s to choose from! Plus make sure to use their search box, that really helps save time if you are looking for something in particular!

Free Digital Photos They do require you give credit (link back) when you use their pictures. But it truly doesn’t take more than a minute to do that.

Every Stock Photo –  They are a search engine for free photos. These come from many sources and are license-specific. You can view a photo’s license by clicking on the license icon, below and left of photos. Membership is free and allows you to rate, tag, collect and comment on photos.

StockVault- They have over 50,000 free images you can download. Also they have a great search bar as well. Now some of their photo’s cost, so make sure to grab the free ones.

Geek Philosopher – Another great site, they do require a credit (link back) when you use the pictures.

Big Foto- They have a wide range of photo’s that they are constantly adding new pictures to!

Turbo Photo- They have photos of food, animals, plants, objects and much more.

Free Range Stock – They have a wide variety of photo’s to choose from! They offer a free membership, and then you can start downloading the photo’s!

UnSplash- They have 10 new photo’s added every 10 days to choose from. They have some stunning scenery photo’s! Such talent!


I hope these sites help you out, if you are in need of some new pictures for your blog. If you know of a site that offers Free Images, let me know and I will add it to the list!

Where to Submit Your Recipes Online (20 Sites)

Where to Submit Recipes

Being a food blogger is something I see quite often anymore. Tasty creations all over the web, waiting for us to make and enjoy! I thought it would be nice to showcase some sites where you can list your recipes you created, to drive traffic, getting the word out about your site, and more. Now some sites they have standards on what pictures they accept, I tried for over a year to get accepted to Food Gawker and I finally did, so don’t be discouraged if you are told no! Try try and try again!

So let’s get started shall we.. Here are 20 sites where to submit your recipes.

1. Food Gawker: This is a great site to join up. I will say it is pretty hard to get accepted like I had said earlier but it is one of the prime places. I know so many bloggers when they get a yes to an accepted recipe they take it as a huge compliment and it is an honor! At least that is what I think and some other bloggers!

2. TasteStopping: They run things a little differently than other food photography sites.   Our moderation process is simple:  if your photo of food or a food-related subject has been rejected, declined or otherwise spurned by one of the myriad “elite” sites out there (ahem…TasteSpotting, FoodGawker …ahem), send it to us.   We’ll publish it!   So, as you can see, there’s really nothing to it.

3. Food Spreading: Tons of categories to submit your recipes!

4. Tasty Kitchen: Okay this one is really cool because they partnered with The Pioneer Woman! I love watching her, and reading her blog, she is plain awesome! You can submit recipes! Pretty neat site.

5. Tasteologie: This looks like a neat site, very easy to submit a recipe to be on their site.

6. Recipe Graze: Another great site to feature recipes on. It has a really nice layout, very user-friendly.

7. DelishBook: They only accept recipes that are on blogs.They accept or decline recipes. 

8. Cucumbertown: This looks like a fairly new site, but looks like it has great traffic.

9. Dessert Stalking: Here is a site that is geared toward anything sweet! This is a site where I could gain 10 pounds just looking at it.

10. Tasty Days: This is a bit different then a regular site. You submit your site and they will pull the recipes off themselves, which is kind of nice. Will save you time on not having to go to the site and submit each recipe. You have to have an RSS feed.

11. Finding Vegan: This is a site driven toward vegan friendly recipes, which is pretty neat. This is a great way to get your site featured. Vegan recipes are very popular!

12. FoodEpix: Another great site to submit your recipes. They will decline or accept your recipes.

13. Bakeolicious: As you can probably tell from the name it is driven for sweet desserts.

14. KitchenArtistry: This is similar to the other sites listed above. You submit and wait to see if you get approved. 

15. Chowstalker: This is driven toward Paleo Inspired Recipes!

16. Grub Snapper: Man their are some good looking recipes featured on the site. Looks like a great site to feature your recipes!

17. Knapkins: This is a different site. You can submit recipes and then on the main page it shows two different recipes and people can vote at which looks yummier.

18. Healthy Aperture: They take nice quality recipes that have good pictures to feature on their site. Looks to have quite a bit of traffic.

19. Dishfolio: Same as most other sites I have been talking about.

20. Yum Google: This is a neat looking site. Sign in and submit your blog recipes. 



Since I created this, I decided to add some more sites in case you were interested!

21. Fridgg: This site you can submit your recipes, they don’t have to be approved, very easy to use! Site is very user-friendly.

22. Yummly: I was told about this by another blogger. Looks like a great site, and tons of categories available.