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Make a Wreath Ornament with Jingle Bells

Wreath Ornament with Jingle Bells

We love simple, easy Christmas crafts that can get the whole family involved – including the kids! This Christmas wreath ornament is easy to make starting with a pipe cleaner and jingle bells.

While you might want to make just one or two for your own  tree, they also serve as awesome gifts for your family and friends. If you’re really ambitious and ready to make a LOT of them, they’re great for selling at fundraisers, craft fairs, and church bazaars.

To help cut down on the cost, especially if you’re making dozens, you can find all the supplies you need at Dollar Tree and save a bundle! Check out the links below for the supplies you’ll need:

jingle bells

Jingle Bells

Chenille Stems
Chenille Stems

Festive Ribbon

Festive Ribbon

Wreath Ornament with Jingle Bells Craft


Green Pipe Cleaner
Jingle Bells
Festive Ribbon

Take a pipe cleaner and start sliding bells onto it. Either place colors randomly or create a pattern. Leave at least 1″ on each end of the pipe cleaner. Twists the ends around each other several times leaving a small space between bells to tie ribbon. Cut a length of ribbon and tie over twisted pipe cleaner area.

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