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Princess Themed Cupcake Toppers Using My Silhouette Cameo

Princess Themed Cupcake Toppers My niece had a birthday this last week and if you remember the other day I shared the Buttercream Frosting recipe I tried out! Well, today I was gonna share how I made these cute Princess Themed Cupcake Toppers with my Silhouette Cameo!! I really love my Silhouette, it is so nice and I love all the fun things you can create with it!! I think these toppers turned out so cute!!

I decided to do some princess crowns, carriages, and then I did a banner with, Gracie’s name, and a little princess kissing a frog! It was really pretty easy to make these, and stick them together. Now I used toothpicks for the stakes, I couldn’t find any small craft sticks to use, so feel free to use whatever works for you!

What you need: 

Scrapbook Paper (whatever colors you want)
Toothpicks or craft sticks. 
Scotch Adhesive Dots 
Glue or Modge Podge 
Glue Stick
Little Jewels for carriage wheels and crown. 
Little Paint Brush and Tweezers
 I purchased all of the designs at the Silhouette shop. They were just $0.99 a piece, which was pretty cheap!!  I then grabbed my pink scrapbook paper and sized the image to what I wanted, and then duplicated it over and over to fill up the whole page. I then cut the images, and then I was ready to start creating my toppers!

Carriages I decided to add some tiny jewels to the carriage wheels. I poured out a little modge podge on a piece of scrap paper and took tweezers and lightly dipped back of jewel in the modge podge and then stuck it onto the wheel.

Princess Carriage Cupcake Toppers I then took a Scotch Adhesive dot and put on the tip of a toothpick, folded it over, and then stuck a carriage on each side of the toothpick. That way the carriage could be seen on both sides of the toothpick! I did this over and over until all the carriages were done!

Princess crown Cupcake Toppers

Next I started on the Princess Crowns. I purchased the crown and the word princess from the shop. I cut the princess out on pink and the crowns on purple. For me on the size of it, I just had to test out to see what size fit and looked right. So you can play around and see as well.  I purchased the Glue stick that goes on purple and when it dries it is clear. I found it at Dollar General. Worked great for gluing the word princess to the crowns. Plus it dried super quick!

Princess crown Cupcake Toppers

After I glued all the Princess cutouts onto the crowns, I took a little paint brush and put glue on each tip of the crowns, then sprinkled glitter on them and allowed to dry. Then just like I did with the carriages, I stuck a glue dot onto the toothpick and glued two crowns on to it. That way each side had a crown and the word princess!

Princess Themed Cupcake Toppers These took a little work but I was able to make them in just one morning. They turned out really cute, and I am so happy!!!  I am excited to keep playing with my Silhouette Cameo, and creating more fun things like this!!

Thanks for reading!!


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  1. Chrishelle says

    Too cute. I love the pink and purple colors. It is great how you used the decorations to make the cupcakes elegant. Will have to remember that trick for Becca’s 16th BDay.

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