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Packing Peanuts Melt Away In Water .. .. Who Knew?!


Okay so I may be behind the times, but I thought I would share! My hubby told me that you can put packing peanuts in water, they melt away. Since I get a lot of boxes full of goodies, I decided to start doing this and it has worked everytime! Now I don’t have to worry about where to put them, when I am breaking the boxes down to go to recycling!

So just wanted to share :-D. Did you already know this fun little trick?

And my cousin Jenny shared that you can dip an end of one of the peanuts in water then stick it to another one to build fun things, kids love this!!

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  1. Lauren says

    You know, I never thought of doing this to DISPOSE of them! D’oh! I discovered their “dissolverability” two years ago when making props for a school fete Haunted House. Made up a huge jar of giant “maggots” with painstakingly drawn eyes and smiley mouth on each packing peanut. Then filled jar with water… Second attempt used olive oil which actually created a more gross looking prop anyway lol.

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