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Keep Your Banana’s From Browning So Fast

 Keep Your Banana's From Browning So FastI love eating banana’s and I like them when they have a little bit of green on them. So when they start turning brown, I find for me I will only use them for banana bread, it I will dice them up and toss in a bag and freeze, to use for smoothies or something. So here are 3 tricks to Keep Your Banana’s From Browning So Fast! 


1. I learned if you pull the banana’s apart when you first get them, it will help slow down and keep them from turning as fast.

2. I also had a reader say if you put a plastic sack around the stems – while they are still together, this also slows up the process! I haven’t tried out this method but next time I have banana’s I will!!

3. Another thing is you can toss them in the fridge, and they will brown on the outside but they stay good on the inside. I read that somewhere months ago, but I can’t remember where!

I hope you enjoy these tips, and when you have banana’s you can try them out. Granted they don’t keep them from browning super long, but a few days longer is better then nothing at all. If you enjoy more ripe banana’s then keeping them bundled will help get them riper faster! I heard that the riper they are the better they are supposed to be for you. It allows all the nutrients to come out, but I can’t handle eating them like that. Sometimes they burn my tongue. I know that sounds super weird ;-)!

Do you have any other idea’s or tricks that you do to keep your banana’s from getting over ripe so fast? If so feel free to leave a comment or email me:

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