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Keep your Funnel Clean In Between Oil Changes with an Old Sock!

Keep Funnel Clean Between Oil Changes


My husband is such a handy man when it comes to our vehicle. He did go to school to be a mechanic so it is nice that he do our oil changes,  fix the car when he has issues and such. When I see a motor it just looks like a jumbled mess that I would never understand how things work!

The other day he was out in the garage changing the oil and I had been going out every now and again just to chat. He was finishing up and I saw him take the funnel and put it in an old sock. I asked him why are you doing that, and he said it is a great way to keep the funnel clean in between oil changes! You don’t want dirt and such to stick to the oil on the funnel because if it falls into the car when you go to pour it in, it could hurt the engine. 

Granted you could wash the funnel each time, but this way works just as good and it is quick :-)!  Adam saves old t-shirts and socks to use as rags out in the garage. It is a great way to use clothes that are wore out! 

Oil Changes


So he just pushes the funnel into the sock all the way down, then with the excess sock he just pushes it into the funnel! Stores it on the shelf until it’s next use. Plus with the sock it helps wipe the inside of the funnel and soaks up the oil. Plus you don’t have to worry about it dripping on the floor or fussing with washing it!

Very simple tip, but I thought it was handy and wanted to share with you all!

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