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How to Get that Funky Smell Out of Your Towels with Just Baking Soda

Get the Funky Smell out of Towels

The other day I threw a load of towels in the washer and then went off and forgot about them. Later when I went to go dry them they smelled so terrible. Had a major mildew scent, sadly this has happened more than once in our home. So I finally found a way to get rid of the smell. You can’t just throw them in the dryer and use them, because as soon as they get wet they will have that stench all over again!

So I tried the old remedy to help get rid of the smell, I have been doing this for awhile now, and thought I better share it with you guys in case you are in need!  Here is an easy way to get that funky smell out of your towels with Just Baking Soda!

What to Do:

Turn your water to hot on washer, throw in 1 cup of baking soda, then toss in a few towels (Don’t put laundry soap or softener in). Also make sure not to over-fill the washer with towels.

Once it fills full of water, pause the washer and let it sit for 30 minutes-1 hour. This will help soak in and really get the stink out. After you allow it to soak, go back in and turn washer back on and run the fully cycle. Once they are done toss in dryer, and allow them to dry. After that you can re-wash them with soap and such, or leave them as is. Choice is yours, I normally wash again with soap and softener! If your towels still have a smell you can run these steps above again, and it will clean them even more! I rarely have to do that!

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