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How to Re-Use Your Paint Brushes and Rollers For the Next Day

New Wall Color - Log CabinWe bought our house right before we got married. At that time we painted every room in the entire house except for the bathroom! My husband thought he should give me a 5-year restriction, where  I would be unable to re-paint the living room and other rooms besides my office. Talk about years dragging by.. cause I felt like I would NEVER get to paint again :-P!

BUT the five year rule was up, so it was time to talk about re-painting the living room :-D! I was tired of the red color I chose and wanted to do something more neutral, and thankfully he said yes I could re-paint! SO we searched around for some colors, tried a few and finally decided on this Log Cabin color! It is a mix between like a brownish color but has a grey tint to it, I personally think. I really love it, and after I look at it more I love it that much more!

Reuse Paint Rollers and Brushes

Tip on How to Re-Use Your Paint Brushes and Rollers for the Next Day:

As I was painting I knew I wouldn’t get done in one day, so I remembered the old trick I learned YEARS ago! If you have rollers with paint on them and brushes, but they are still good, this tip works great on saving them and using them the next day. All you do is wrap a plastic bag around them and tie a knot at the end. Then toss in your freezer for the night. The next day when you decide to start re-painting take out the bag with rollers and allow to thaw for about 30 minutes, and they will be ready to go!

It is such a nice trick to know as rollers can add up if you have to keep tossing them so by freezing them it keeps them ready for you for the next day! Do you have any painting tips similar to this one?

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