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How to Fix Scratches in Your Wood Furniture

How to Fix Scratches in Your Wood Furniture

We have a pretty old table that we ended up buying at a Goodwill years ago. It is an actual wood table and is nice and heavy and was on a great sale so we thought why not get rid of our old one and use this. Well, as you can see over time it has gotten more beat up then what it was when we first bought it. I have tried store bought cleaners to try and revive it but nothing has worked.  So I started to search the internet  on how to fix scratches in wood furniture!

So when I ran across Domestic Bliss Squared, they shared an easy cleaner you can make with Olive Oil and Vinegar!!!  Yep two ingredients that you might have in your pantry!! You just combine the two and take an old towel and start giving the table some love with the mixture! I was actually really surprised at how well it worked!!! As you can see above the before and after is a good difference. Granted their are still some imperfections in the wood still but it is WAY better than when I started :-)!

What to Do:

Mix 1/2 cup olive oil and 1/2 cup vinager in a bowl. Take an old towel and start to wipe it all over the table or wood piece you want to clean. Once you have wiped it all over I let mine sit for a few minutes then I took another towel and gently wiped over the whole table to pick up the excess oil. It needed to be wiped down as it was a bit greasy!

Note: Don’t use good towels while doing this, find an old rag or head to the Dollar store and buy some $1 wash rags that you won’t care if they get ruined.

How to Fix Scratches in Your Wood Furniture

Don’t mind the dust 🙂 but here is a before and after on an old desk we have as well.  It really helped get rid of some of the scratches in the wood and really brought out a bit more color of the wood! Best thing of all, it doesn’t take long to wipe it down, and pretty inexpensive!! 

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  1. Melissa Vosurgh says

    Oh that is SO weird ! I literally just saw this posted on Facebook by a friend of mine who shared. I can not believe the before and after. This looks amazing. How simple. Love the fact that the ingredients are chem free!

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