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Tip on Keeping your Razors lasting longer and silky smooth skin

razors lasting longer


So here is a tip that I need to use very often! I have dark hair and my hair is pretty coarse. With that said, it seems my razors go dull pretty quick! They are so pricey, I am always trying to find ways to make them last longer.  Here is a tip to keeping your razors lasting longer, and leave your skin feeling baby soft!!

When you shave  instead of using shaving cream, try using  baby oil.  I started doing this, and it has helped keep my razor sharp for more uses. I have also seen you can pour baby oil in a jar, and place your razor in it, when you are not using it to let it soak in the oil. They say that as well helps keep the razor last, but I have not tried this out yet, so I can’t vouch for it.

I just take a little baby oil, pour it into my hand and rub it on my legs and than shave, as usual! It seems to work great, and I think I am getting a few more uses out of each razor before I toss them! Be cautious though to wipe down your washer when you are done, as it can make the floor of shower a bit slick! 

So if you are like me, and hate shelling out money for razors all the time, then buy some baby oil and give this a go. My baby oil was very cheap, I grabbed a bottle at our local Dollar General, think it was $2 and something. Have you tried this tip in the past, curious to hear your thoughts!



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