Clay is Officially 7 Months Old! Whats New with Him


Clay is officially 7 months old as of the 20th! My oh my where has the last 7 months gone?!?! I can’t believe he is growing so fast, you always hear parents say how quick they grow, that is no joke!!! I thought it would be fun to share what is new with him!


  • He is loving trying out new baby foods right now! He loves the sweet potato, green beans, apple/blueberry mix!
  • He is officially crawling, which is craziness to me!!
  • He loves to talk or I should say try, sometimes you can hear words but they say they aren’t official words yet.
  • Clay loves to smile, but he is so shy around people, it takes a little bit of time to warm up, but once he does he is good to go!
  • He absolutely loves being outside, whether it is swinging or going for a walk! If it is outside he loves it! 
  • One of his favorite toys is his Baby Einstein Jumper and his dog Scout From Leap Frog!


At his 6 month appointment he weighed 18 pounds 6 ounces, so he is a little over 19 pounds now. He is growing really well and in all the ranges of growth and weight! We are so very thankful for this little guy and we can’t wait to see what the next month brings on the new milestones he will reach!

I am beginning to think I need to start planning his birthday really soon!! It is coming up so quickly! Thanks for taking the time to come see what he has been up to!

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Simple Baked Chicken Legs – Few Ingredients Needed!

Quick and Easy Baked Chicken 

simple baked chicken

I have been wanting chicken for a few weeks and I finally decided to whip up some simple baked chicken legs! This is a super easy way to make chicken in the oven and it turns out delicious. The skin does have a little crispness to it. I enjoy making fried chicken, but frankly I don’t always have time for all the steps now that Clay is here. He loves his attention and I don’t want to spend to much time in the kitchen!

My husband doesn’t like meat on the bone so I made these to eat for lunches during the week for myself. I was shocked at how cheap bone-in meat was. This was a third of the cost of what we would pay for boneless chicken breasts! I think I paid around $3 for this pack of chicken, I about passed out! I am used to paying so much more, it was a nice surprise. I just stored the leftover in the fridge and it was good reheated. 

baked chicken

Baked Chicken Recipe

Simple Baked Chicken Legs – Few Ingredients Needed!



  1. Start by preheating your oven to 375 degrees.
  2. Then place chicken in a 9x13 baking dish.
  3. Rub oil on each drumstick making sure to lightly coat all sides. This will help it not stick.
  4. Next sprinkle the drumsticks with the salt and pepper, and garlic salt with parsley.
  5. Bake drumsticks for 20 minutes, then flip them over and bake an additional 25 minutes.
  6. They are done with they are a little crispy on the outside and juice runs clear. Also their is no more pink to the meat.
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This is truly an easy recipe that takes very little prep time, which is nice on nights you might not have a lot of time! Pair with some steamed veggies, rice or whatever your family enjoys! I will be making this for sure here and there for myself for quick lunches! You can also use other parts of chicken, I just prefer drumsticks.

I was going to also share, Clay started crawling the other day. It is a little slow and not perfect yet, but he is in the process! We are very excited to see another milestone met! He sure is growing up so fast!

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Pampers is Offering BIG Savings This Sunday May 15 – #PampersSavings


In the Sunday Paper (May 15,2016) you will want to make sure to pick one up, in the coupon insert you an score $2.50 off One Pampers Diapers or Training Pants! You won’t want to miss a great savings like this if you use diapers!! They can add up quick so why not take advantage of this big savings!!! All Pampers Diapers and Pants are included in this offer except for the trial/travel sized diaper packs. 

Offer Includes: Pampers Diapers and Pants include Pampers Swaddlers, Pampers Cruisers, Pampers Baby Dry, Pampers Easy Ups, Pampers Under Jams, and Pampers Splashers.

Pampers Diapers

It has been more than 50 years that parents have been trusting Pampers to care for their beautiful babies! They offer diapers, wipes and training pants to help bring protection and comfort in all stages of your babies development! 

Now if you are not a member of the Pampers Reward Program you might want to join! You can get ideas on the development of your child, cash in reward points that you can find on their products! If you get the Pampers Rewards Email Newsletter keep an eye out, they are offer 3X reward points promotion the week of May 15, 2016!  If you aren’t signed up for Pampers Rewards, visit and sign up today!

I have been a member for awhile and I have gotten some good points off of the diapers and wipes I have used. Their is a little sticker on the packages with a code you use to enter on their website. Plus they offer free codes from time to time, which is nice. Then cash in your points for neat prizes like free photos, toys, magazines subscriptions and more.

Also if you want you can clip and print Pampers Easy Up Coupons over at! You will need to open a account if you don’t have one. Then print, shop and save on Pampers products and more!!!


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Started A New Blog – The Maven Sisters

The Maven Sisters Hey everyone! One of my sisters and I have started a new blog called The Maven Sisters! We are going to be sharing fun and delicious recipes and honest reviews on products we buy ourselves! I wanted to share with everyone here in case you wanted to check it out!

Lots of cute pictures of Clay and I am adding some YouTube videos as well, so come check it out if you would like!

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Give Old Picture Frames New Life – Money Saver!

Yard Sale Season- Buy Old Picture Frames for Cheap!!! 


Give Old Picture Frames New Life

With yard sale season upon us, I wanted to share one simple way to give old picture frames new life! You can find picture frames everywhere for sale for $0.10-$1! Budget shops, yard sales, and more. So instead of paying high dollar for new ones, why not save some money and do a little craft with some old ones! I am all about having fun things but not breaking the bank!

I was given these frames from my husbands grandma, like a year ago, they have just been sitting collecting dust as you can see! I thought finally I have a little free time why not, grab them and put on a fresh coat of paint! This is a really fast and easy project anyone can do, you don’t have to be a major crafter!


For this I bought some Spouncers, they are little foam brushes you use to paint with. You dab them on to whatever you are painting, so for this it gives it a little bit of a bubble look which I personally like. You are welcome to use a regular paintbrush as well!


This Spouncer Brush gives it a fun little bubbly texture. I did put around 2-3 coats of paint on each of these. I just used craft paint that I grabbed at Walmart! You can buy it pretty much wherever you want!

new life to old picture frame

Paint them any color you would like, do a design, the world is at your fingertips! I just did solid bold colors, and they will go in Clay’s room!!



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