Road Trips with Your Pet

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Pets If you’re like most people, your pet is a treasured member of the family. That being said, it’s highly likely that the same pet is your travel companion… at least now and then. Keep reading, to learn more about road trip safety when traveling with your fur-baby. You’ll both be glad you did.

Visit the Vet Before You Leave

Before you set out on a trip with your pet, take him (or her) to the veterinarian for a check-up. This way, you can make sure he’s healthy and feeling up to a long journey. While you’re there, double-check to make sure that  vaccinations for things like parvo, rabies and Lyme disease are all up to date.

Once the vet has determined that your pet is in good health, the office staff can give you a health certificate to take with you. Many hotels require you to have one, in order for your cat or dog to stay on the premises.

Clean Out the Car

When you’re planning on riding with your pet in the car, take  time before the trip to clean it out thoroughly.  Your human passengers will appreciate it too!  Make sure that there’s nothing in the vehicle that can be hazardous to animals. Even something as small as a penny can become a choking hazard in just a matter of seconds. Don’t take that chance!

Beware of Window Issues

Most dogs love to stick their heads out the window during a car ride. Unfortunately, this can be dangerous, especially if you’re travelling at high speeds. Insects or debris from the road could possibly end up in your dog’s eyes or windpipe. Also, breathing cold air has the potential of making your dog sick, which translates into an uncomfortable trip for both of you.

Consider Using a Kennel

If your pet isn’t properly secured in the vehicle, they can be seriously injured in the event of a car accident. Keeping your pet in a portable kennel will keep him comfortable and also protect him, in the event of an accident or emergency.

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Christmas Road Trip Tips on a Budget

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Christmas Road Trip Tips on a Budget

Who doesn’t love to travel on their Christmas vacation? A road trip is always a great idea! Whether you’re traveling to spend Christmas with family or just to get away and have some fun. The only problem is that road trips can be pretty costly, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are some Christmas road trip tips on a budget that will make your Christmas vacation road trip the best it could ever be!

Travel Close

One of the best things you can do when it comes to a Christmas road trip on a budget is to not go so far. Stay fairly close to home, I know many people are going to think “that’s not a road trip” but you’re wrong, a road trip doesn’t mean you have to travel 1000+ miles. You can drive to the next town over and that is just as much a road trip as anything else. Not only that but you’re on a budget this gives you the thrill of a road trip without breaking your budget. Or maybe you don’t even want to leave home but still want to get out and do something fun, you can pick a night to take all of your family and drive around the neighborhoods to look at all the awesome lights and decorations.

Prepare Food

Doing all this before the last minute will save you SO much stress later on. Not only that but if you make all your road trip snacks at home, buy some cheap foods to prepare meals for the road trip and stock up on water and other drinks (depending on how far you’re traveling) doing this will stop you from making so many stops to restock and eat, spending all the money on your budget before you really get anywhere.

Where You’re Staying

This is a huge part of road tripping and in the summer it’s easy to just find camping spots but this is a Christmas road trip. So it would be best to map out exactly where you are going and the places you want to stop, then research the best cheap hotels/motels within your budget. This could take some time because most hotels/motels need to know what day you’ll be checking in so you’ll need to estimate exactly what time you’ll be where. You could also stay with family/friends if you happen to be passing by any of them, I mean it is Christmas and that’s what the holidays are about. But of course, if your trip isn’t long then you won’t have to worry about any of this.

The are just a few Christmas road trip tips on a budget to help you out with your trip this year. Almost everyone loves to travel for the holidays whether you’re just heading out to spend it with family or you just want a change of scenery. But traveling can be expensive, especially during the holidays that’s no reason to not go, you can always figure something out and setting a budget makes things so much easier. Also, be sure to check the weather before beginning your Christmas road trip this year and stay safe! Do you have any other tips you’d like to add? Share in the comments!

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​4 Ways to Teach Your Kids to Give Back During the Holidays

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Christmas Cookies

The holiday season is a wonderful time to teach your kids about giving. There are countless numbers of groups, organizations and people in need and the spirit of giving is quite natural. Kids also take to the idea of giving rather easily and sharing the ideas will only bring you closer together.

Here are four really interesting ways to teach your kids about giving back during the holidays:

Make Baskets for Nursing Homes

You can give out sugar-free cookies and treats or homemade cards and letters. Pretty much anything that shows you care is welcomed by this often overlooked community of people. Seeing the smiles on their faces will change your child’s life.

Make Food Plates for the Homeless

One simple yet powerful thing you can do is to simply gather up a bunch of fruit and make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to give out. The need is real and the vast majority of folks really appreciate the gesture. Alternatively, you can give out gloves, coats and shoes if your financial situation warrants.

Have Them Visit the Children’s Hospital in Your Area

Seeing others that are not as well off or that have medical problems can have a lasting impact not only on those being visited, but on your children as well. It is extremely rewarding to bring gifts to these children and spend a bit of time. There is a better than average chance your kid will come out with a new friend or two.

Have Them Volunteer Their Time for a Cause of Their Choosing

Volunteer work is by far the most rewarding thing you can do for others during the holiday season. Kids truly begin to appreciate the difference they are making when they are giving up their own time and energy. Very few parents expose their children to these opportunities but it is a wonderful experience for all.

What other creative ways can you think of to help your kids learn to give back during the holidays or any time of year?

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5 Ways I Like To Spend A Night In

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woman-girl-remote-watchingIn my early thirties now and after a hectic week at office I stay far from being ready to hang up my heels, go tearing up the town and staying up until dawn.In fact more often than not I find myself indoors for the night. Here are the best things about spending a Saturday at home.

Netflix binges: A Saturday Night with Freaks And Geeks. Mad Men. Community. Time to watch everything back-to-back.

Having time to cook: Saturday is the time wherein my culinary skills could be experimented with. I take out all the time and cook at leisure.I also try out different types of Cocktails and Mocktails to go with the dinner. No martini tastes as good as the one savored after a hellish work week!

Splurge in some good food: Saturdays are more like “Treat Nights” for me. Since I usually try to avoid a lot of Carbohydrate and Fatty food during the weekdays. My husband, son and I often treat ourselves to yummy stuffs like popcorn, pizzas and noodles in the Weekends. My husband is a movie buff and we often end up watching a few in one go.

Indulging in a few game of bingo: A game of bingo has always been my favorite! Given that I always can’t make it to bingo halls, its always a better option for me to play a few round of my favorite game online taking out some time for myself alone! . I have been playing on this site called Dotty Bingo. They are offering £10 Welcome bonus for  £35 for all the newbies this month. Read the Dotty bingo review to know more about their bonuses and promotions. Online bingo has in fact a thrill of it’s of its own. I can socialize and win some money too hopefully without even leaving the sofa!

Pamper myself: I love pampering myself when I am home during the weekend, at times I go for a spa or pedicure and the other times I just do a little bit of meditation to de stress my mind from work!

Between working, family, friends and house old chores we all need a little time for ourselves over the weekends. These are the top five ways how I spend my Saturday nights. How about you?

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Top 4 Things to Do in Hagerstown, Maryland

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CanoeIf you are near or traveling to Hagerstown, Maryland, here are some fun things to do while you are there. Maryland has always been a destination I have wanted to see. It is such a beautiful state, and boy is there a lot of fun activities to do. I was just searching around and found some awesome things to do in Hagerstown!

Horse or Carriage Tour of Antietam National Battlefield: If you enjoy history and beautiful scenery this is a must. You can choose to ride a horse or ride in a carriage, the ride is around an hour and a half. You can learn about the history and see the landmarks as you travel along. It sounds really amazing!

The C&O Canal: This is located in Williamsport, the C&O Canal is famous for it’s role in the Civil War. This can be a romantic place for couples to ride a boat and view it! Now if you go in winter months the water part is closed but you can still hike as well.

Appalachian Trail: You might have heard of this before, it is famous for the 2,200 miles of trail. It is a place hikers love to travel on to view the beautiful views of nature. This is a very long trail, and so much to see, avid hikers love going here.

Kayak the Indian Springs Wildlife Management Area: If you love being out in nature this is a must. You can go paddle around on the clear springs and enjoy over 400 species of birds, 90 species of mammals and more. They do allow you to rent canoes or kayaks! I think I could spend days out there just admiring it all!


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