Where to Buy Affordable Pregnancy Tests

Where to Buy Affordable Pregnancy TestsI thought I would share where to buy affordable pregnancy tests! I know if you are trying every single month and taking a test it can add up quickly, or if you want some on hand in case you wonder if you are, it is nice to have some on hand that didn’t cost an arm and a leg! I can’t stand having to pay so much money for 1 test, so I like to shop online and have them on hand, in case I have a month where I think I could be pregnant! 

Now first off let me clear  the air, is their a difference between a cheaper test to more expensive. Every pregnancy test brand is different, some have a better ability to pick up a lower level of HCG than other tests, so their is a slight difference. I have used $1 tests in the past and it picked up that I was pregnant, so they do work!

Where to Shop for Cheaper Pregnancy Tests 

Dollar Store/Dollar General: So, to buy really cheap test, the first place is to hit up your local Dollar Store or Dollar General! They have test normally for just $1, the downfall if your store is like ours, you have to ask for them to get them for you, as they are behind the counter!

I never wanted people to know I was buying a test, as we live in a small town, so I ordered test online a lot!

HCG Pregnancy Strips

AccuMed® 25 Pregnancy (HCG) Test Strips – This is the tests that I bought, when we were trying the first time, I wanted to make sure I had enough on hand. I would take one each month, and when I found out I was actually pregnant I took more than one, as I thought that would make me believe it more (excessive I know) haha. These worked good, you can’t really use these days before your period though, they are to be used after your first missed day. They are very affordable, and I do recommend these! You can buy these for a pack of 25 in what you would pay for a pack of 3 name brand in store! 

Buying Pregnancy Tests That Are Affordable 

First Response Early Result Pregnancy Test, 3 tests: I found buying these on Amazon I got the best deal. I have Amazon Prime so I get two day free shipping, which is nice. It is private so no one knows your buying them and they get delivered right to your door! These are more expensive than the little sticks, but it is a 6-Day Sooner test, so you can test before your period is missed which I love! I bought these with my pregnancy with Clay and sure enough I was pregnant! They are a great test,, and I love the nice handle, it makes using this test a lot easier! You can also buy these at your local stores, I just find sometimes shopping online you get a better price!

Those are the best deals on test, and you know now buying a cheaper test you can still get the same results!





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Delta Children Gliding Bassinet – Perfect Item to Add To Must Haves!

Garden Gate – Delta Children Gliding Bassinet


delta childrens products

Okay all you parents-to-be, and current parents looking for a bassinet for your little bundle! I got this Delta Children Gliding Bassinet, and it is a winner in my books! This bassinet is so nice and it features a calming nightlight, soothing music and a variable speed vibration if you choose to use it! Plus on the bottom it has a place to store items for your little baby, whether it be diapers, wipes, toys, or whatever else!

gliding bassinet

Plus one thing I love is on the sides there is a mesh siding, where you can roll up the cover and you can peek in to see your little baby when they sleep! I was so worried when he was first born bringing him home, and being afraid something would happen while he slept! This brought me a ton of comfort! If you don’t want the mesh to show, just roll down the sides, and you can’t tell it’s there.

Delta Children Sweet Beginnings Bassinet

Delta Children Gliding Bassinet

Designed with a subtle pattern in soothing grey and white, this bassinet with a gliding base combines a traditional aesthetic with modern technology. Clay loves looking up at the little teddy bears at the top, which that goes up and down if you don’t want the cover to be up like it is in the picture! It is best for babies up to 15 lbs.


delta children sweet beginnings bassinet


Delta Children has different styles to choose from on their bassinets that are very affordable! They are really nice and they can fit the style you are looking for! I would highly recommend getting one! My husband put this together really pretty quick, we were getting ready to head out to a doctor appointment and he had it together in like 15 minutes!


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Clay is 3 Months Old- Baby Update

Clay 3 Months

I can not believe Clay is 3 months old! Time has really flown by, he turned 3 months on the 20th of January! He has been such a little blessing to our lives! He has such a sweet and loving personality and loves to smile all the time! It is exciting to watch him grow and learn more about his personality and see him change so much!

I thought it would be fun to do a 3 month old baby update so you guys could see how he is doing, check out new pictures of him and get a glimpse on what is going on with him!


  • He grabs and plays with toys now
  • Loves putting toys and fingers in mouth
  • He has such a happy little guy and loves smiling! Although not so much for pictures!
  • Sleeping is a bit of a struggle, he thinks 2-3 am in the morning is time to get up for the day
  • He loves to coo
  • We are thinking he is Teething so he is a little drooling mess right now

Dad and Baby

He sure does love his daddy! When he comes into the room he gets a big smile on his face! We truly are so lucky to have him! Granted it has been hard, and being a new parent you will be more tired than you ever imagined you could be, but it is worth it! When he smiles at me, or talks it melts my heart, and it makes all the hard moments melt away!

We are excited to see what the next few months will bring! He has rolled over one time, and loves holding his feet up in the air!


I will do another update soon for you all if you want!

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Gordmans Christmas HAUL

Apley Family

This holiday season has been extra special for us! We welcomed our little boy, Clay, into the world October 20th! He has been such a blessing to us, granted being a new mommy is exhausting but we can’t wait to enjoy the years to come! We have had family coming over here and there to give us a hand as we adjust to being first time parents!

Last week I finally got around to putting up some Christmas decorations along with our tree! I was nervous we wouldn’t get to it this year, but thankfully we did! I was in desperate need of some new holiday decor, so it worked out perfectly to get a gift card to Gordmans and go and purchase whatever I wanted!

Gordmans Holiday Decor

Here is a picture of all the goodies I got! I picked out a couple candles, and lots and lots of decor items for the house! I absolutely love that snow flyer sled, I think that is one of my favorite pieces I got! The believe sign is absolutely stunning as well, I am all about glitter! I was so happy with all the items when they arrived, they are all great quality and I love scoring them at a great price! Gordmans is a great store, you can buy discounted clothing, accessories, home decor and more! Gordmans has 102 stores located across 22 states, and launched an online store this year.


I did a mini photo shoot with Clay, and I thought that little sled would work perfectly as a prop for his picture! I love how this turned out! Then I took the flyer sled and hung it on our wall for decoration! I love how I was able to use it for a prop for a picture for Clay!

merry Christmas Sign

In our kitchen I placed the Merry Christmas sign by a little snowman I had and some cinnamon scented pine cones. I think it works great with our colors we have in the kitchen! You can hang it on the wall if you want, but I thought to just sit in on the counter! It worked out perfectly!

Christmas Deer I am so into reindeer, so I loved these deer figurines I got. I put them on our tv stand in the living room, and they fit nicely in with our rustic Christmas theme!

Christmas Wall Decor


I put the sign up by our tv stand in the living room! It is a nice old rustic wood, and I thought it would look great with the sign by it! Overall I can’t say how happy I am with all the goodies I ordered from Gordmans! It is a great place to stop in and shop or if you are like me, shop online! They have great discounted deals everyday!

They have clothing, fragrances, accessories, and so much more! You can buy items for the whole family in one stop!


What is your color or holiday decoration theme in your household?! 

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Salt Wasting Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia (CAH) Diagnoses For Clay

Being Diagnosed with Salt Wasting CAHClay

As you all know I just finally got on to share my announcement that Clay had finally arrived on 10/20/15!  Since then we have had a long road of ups and downs, and I wanted to share it with you guys!

While we were in the hospital they did their State Blood Work test. We didn’t think anything of it, and ended up getting discharged and sent home. Well life went pretty good at first and then around day 6, he started acting pretty sick. He seemed a bit lethargic, throwing up, having diarrhea and just didn’t seem to be himself. So, late one night I woke Adam up and we headed in to the emergency room to get him checked out.

While in the ER they drew blood as he had pretty good jaundice and they were worried that the level might be to high. So, they checked him over and said follow up with pediatrician the next day. So we did, and the doctor wanted to do a full blood work check to see what might be going on.

Later that day we got home, and got a call that said we needed to get Clay to the hospital right away, that Wichita was sending an airplane to get him and take him to Wesley in the NICU. His state blood work showed that he had Salt Wasting Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia (CAH). it is a genetic disorder. What it is, his adrenal glands are larger than what they should be. He doesn’t produce the right amount of sodium or potassium and such for his body, which can throw everything off. If left untreated it can lead to a coma, cardiac arrest and even death. It is a very serious illness, and only happens to 1 in 15,000 babies. For Clay to have gotten this, Adam and I both have to be carriers of this or have the condition ourselves. We are in the process of getting tested now so we can learn more about where it came from and so on.

That is the scariest day of my whole life, watching them poke around to get an IV started, they ended up having to do it in his head. Not knowing anything about this condition was petrifying.He was 1 week old when he was taken and put in the NICU. He was in adrenal crisis, which is life threatening. Luckily they were able to act quick and they got his sodium and potassium levels evened out.

Clay will have to be on medicine for the rest of his life, and we have to watch him really closely. If he gets sick we have to stress dose him to keep him from going into crisis. We always stress dose him with medicine for immunizations, if he gets hurt, sick, and so on. It is a really big learning curve and have been pretty emotional stressful, but hopefully in time things will get easier and we will learn more about this, and be able to take good care of him and keep him healthy!


We can’t thank the Wesley NICU enough for saving our son’s life! They did everything they could to get him healthy as soon as they could. All the nurses and doctors were amazing, and we are forever grateful! Thank you for all the prayers and love you have showed up along the way. If you follow me on social media you know about his condition already as I have shared about it.


If you are wanting to learn more, you can buy this book:CONGENITAL ADRENAL HYPERPLASIA: A Parents’ Guide and it is highly recommended by other parents! I bought it and found it to be very helpful!

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