Salt Wasting Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia (CAH) Diagnoses For Clay


As you all know I just finally got on to share my announcement that Clay had finally arrived on 10/20/15!  Since then we have had a long road of ups and downs, and I wanted to share it with you guys!

While we were in the hospital they did their State Blood Work test. We didn’t think anything of it, and ended up getting discharged and sent home. Well life went pretty good at first and then around day 6, he started acting pretty sick. He seemed a bit lethargic, throwing up, having diarrhea and just didn’t seem to be himself. So, late one night I woke Adam up and we headed in to the emergency room to get him checked out.

While in the ER they drew blood as he had pretty good jaundice and they were worried that the level might be to high. So, they checked him over and said follow up with pediatrician the next day. So we did, and the doctor wanted to do a full blood work check to see what might be going on.

Later that day we got home, and got a call that said we needed to get Clay to the hospital right away, that Wichita was sending an airplane to get him and take him to Wesley in the NICU. His state blood work showed that he had Salt Wasting Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia (CAH). it is a genetic disorder. What it is, his adrenal glands are larger than what they should be. He doesn’t produce the right amount of sodium or potassium and such for his body, which can throw everything off. If left untreated it can lead to a coma, cardiac arrest and even death. It is a very serious illness, and only happens to 1 in 15,000 babies. For Clay to have gotten this, Adam and I both have to be carriers of this or have the condition ourselves. We are in the process of getting tested now so we can learn more about where it came from and so on.

That is the scariest day of my whole life, watching them poke around to get an IV started, they ended up having to do it in his head. Not knowing anything about this condition was petrifying.He was 1 week old when he was taken and put in the NICU. He was in adrenal crisis, which is life threatening. Luckily they were able to act quick and they got his sodium and potassium levels evened out.

Clay will have to be on medicine for the rest of his life, and we have to watch him really closely. If he gets sick we have to stress dose him to keep him from going into crisis. We always stress dose him with medicine for immunizations, if he gets hurt, sick, and so on. It is a really big learning curve and have been pretty emotional stressful, but hopefully in time things will get easier and we will learn more about this, and be able to take good care of him and keep him healthy!


We can’t thank the Wesley NICU enough for saving our son’s life! They did everything they could to get him healthy as soon as they could. All the nurses and doctors were amazing, and we are forever grateful! Thank you for all the prayers and love you have showed up along the way. If you follow me on social media you know about his condition already as I have shared about it.

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Clay Daniel Apley- Born 10/20! Come Meet Our Little Guy!

Clay Apley

Wow it has been awhile since I have blogged! I wanted to get on real quick while Clay is napping to announce he was born on October 20th, at 6:42 pm! It was a bit of a bumpy road getting him here, but he arrived safely! He is such a sweet handsome little guy, and we are so blessed to have him as our son!

I ended up getting induced and everything was going really well, then as the day progressed, Clay starting showing distress and I stopped dilating. I made it to an 8, and I wasn’t progressing. The doctor came in and said we will give it a bit longer but if you don’t progress it is looking like we will have to do a c-section. So, we waited some more and there was no real change. Clay was still showing distress and I was still not progressing. The doctor finally made the call it was time to do a c-section.

I was petrified as having a c-section was a huge fear of mine. But, I had no choice and I wanted Clay to get here safely and I knew I had no other option but to breath deep and go for it. Luckily Adam was able to come in and be by my side. It took quite a bit of medicine to get me numbed up, but it finally worked and we were ready. The procedure went pretty quick, and before we knew it Clay was here! I got nervous cause I didn’t hear him cry at first, I was so scared something was a matter, but then he let out the loudest cry ever. It was such a special moment that I will remember forever! I was able to take a quick look at him, and they got him looked over and then came and laid him on my neck so he could touch a little bit of my skin!

Clay Daniel Apley

Here he is 3 weeks old, holding his head up great! We have had some bumps along the way, he was diagnosed with Salt Wasting CAH, and was in the NICU for almost 1 week. They found this in his newborn screening blood test. It is a life threatening condition and luckily they got him in to the hospital very quick and he is doing better now. He is on meds and will be for the rest of his life. I will do a post about this and what happened here later. I just wanted to let you all get to see him, and finally get to meet the little guy!


Thank you all for following my pregnancy journey, all the love and prayers you have sent our way! We truly appreciate all of them! I will be getting back to work soon, and can’t wait to share pictures of him, and let you guys see him grow up!


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Close To Having This Baby! Just A Heads UP!

Okay all, if you have been following my pregnancy updates I just wanted to update you all! We are getting pretty close to having baby Clay, and I wanted to let you all know if we have him, I will be sharing the news on social network sites. I will be away from my computer for awhile, on maternity leave so if you want to see a picture of him and such make sure to follow me on one or all of my social networks below. I will put direct links if you want to follow me!

My due date is October 22nd, I am dilating and effacing so we will see if he decides to make his appearance sooner than that! I am thinking he might, but I truly can’t say for sure if he will or not. I am looking to go into labor on my own, but my doctor does not want me to go over my due date as it can cause risks for baby with his 2-vessel cord.

Thanks again for all your prayers, and support along the way, I love reading each of your comments and feeling the love via social media! We can’t wait for him to arrive and start a new chapter in our story! He is going to be the biggest blessing to our family and we can’t wait to meet him!


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