Important Halloween Safety Tips for Children: Decorating and Candy

Halloween is a fun time of year, especially if you have children. Pumpkins, parties, costumes, and candy fill our senses. What’s not to love? You can make themes spooky, cute, scary, or fun. It is a really enjoyable time of year. Like with many things that are fun, there is a level of responsibility involved. There are some dangers for children around Halloween that can be avoided if you know what to look for and how to prepare.

Decorating, for instance, is an exciting part of Halloween. You get to pull out all of the decor items you’ve been storing since last year, and arrange them in new ways. Be mindful of where you place your decorations if they are flammable. Be sure they are away from heat sources such as candles or light bulbs.

Then there are the pumpkins. You get to pick out new pumpkins at the grocery store or at a pumpkin patch, set them out and plan what they’ll look like. Some people like to just have the pumpkins sitting around, and some people like to carve or decorate them. If you have kids who want to participate in the Halloween pumpkin decorating, there are a few options to consider, depending on their age. Where older children may be able to safely carve a pumpkin with a toolkit, there are safer options for the younger kids. If they’re just starting out with their new Halloween traditions, there are a lot of fun ways to get them involved in the decorating, where you don’t have to worry about them getting hurt.

Here are a few different pumpkin decorating techniques to consider:

  1. Paint, glue and glitter. Set up some old newspapers on the ground or table, or use something you’re not afraid of tossing or getting messy. You can use a variety of kid-safe paints and either help them paint the pumpkins, or let them do it on their own. All of the colors will be fun for them to play with and they’ll be proud to display it later when it dries. Try using some school glue and use either a paintbrush to apply it or let them drizzle it over the pumpkin. While it’s still wet, sprinkle some glitter on it and let it dry! You could even combine the paint and the glitter for a really fun effect.
  1. Stickers and pom-poms. There are all sorts of stickers available out there, just take a look in the craft section of your store or go to a craft store itself for more variety. There are paper, plastic, bubble, foam and felt stickers. Try picking out a couple different styles to give the pumpkins a little variety. You could even try gluing on some craft pom-poms to create patterns and pictures with a soft touch.
  1. Pre-made kits. A lot of companies have created a variety of pumpkin decorating kits, where they give you everything you need in one set. With some eyeballs and mouths, to hats and hands, they’ve got anything you would need to give your pumpkin personality.

Once you’ve got your pumpkins taken care of, it’s time to set them out on the porch for the world to see. Keep in mind that people will be walking on your porch from when you put out the decorations to when you put them away. It’s important to be sure that people can safely enter and exit without any issues. Here are a few tips to keep your porch safe.

  1. Keep objects off the ground. It’s best if you keep your decorations off the ground in general, so people are less likely to trip. Try setting out a table, bench or a chair on the porch, and set all of the pumpkins and decor items on that instead of the ground.
  1. Keep the main path clear. If you’re going to set anything on the steps of the porch, be sure you set it off to the side, so it stays out of the way of normal foot traffic. Close to the edges is a good place, or maybe in a corner that’s out of the way.
  1. Clean up. If anything gets moved, falls over, or suddenly gets in the way of safely being on the porch, clean it up. Accidents happen sometimes, but it’s important to do what you can to prevent them as much as possible.

Halloween night is probably the most fun of all for you and your child. Trick-or-treating is fun for dressing up, exploring the neighborhoods and visiting all of the neighbors for some delicious treats. After you get home from going door-to-door, let your child know you need to take a look at their candy before they eat any. There are a few things you should keep an eye out for in their bag of candies and treats.

  1. Commercially sealed candies are the best. A completely sealed wrapper that is airtight and store-bought is going to be your safest bet.
  2. Punctured or torn wrappers on candies should be tossed out.
  3. Unwrapped candy or oddly colored items should be discarded as well.
  4. Homemade treats should only be kept if you personally know the person who gave them out. If you’ve never met them before, discard them immediately. Better to be safe.

Halloween is a fun time of year without a doubt. There are a lot of activities to participate in, and a lot of things to keep in mind. With a few safety-minded decorating tips and a thorough candy inspection, you’ll quickly be on your way to a fun and danger-free Halloween.

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Easy Frozen Yogurt Bark Recipe with Fruity Cereal

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Easy Frozen Yogurt Bark Recipe with Fruity Cereal

 If you are looking for a quick and easy frozen yogurt bark recipe with fruity cereal, you have stopped in at the right time! I have a delicious treat for you today, that I think you will be wanting more of!

This Easy Frozen Yogurt Bark Recipe with Fruity Cereal is a great breakfast idea for those days you are busy and want to have a tasty breakfast for when you are in a time crunch! Just make it ahead of time, and have it ready for when you need it! Plus it is such a versatile recipe, you can use any flavor yogurt, for the recipe I used vanilla. You can also add any cereal you want on top, granola is another great one! I have even tossed some nuts mixed in with granola, and it tasted delicious!

Easy Frozen Yogurt Bark Recipe with Fruity Cereal

I did half Fruit Loops and half Fruity Pebbles so that we had options for what we wanted for breakfast. If you are feeling lucky, mix the two together and add even more fruity goodness to this mix. There is something about frozen yogurt, it really adds a different flavor to the yogurt, and reminds me of eating something I should feel guilty about!

Easy Frozen Yogurt Bark Recipe with Fruity Cereal

What makes this recipe even better, only 3 ingredients! You use yogurt and then the toppings you want, in this recipe I did two different kinds of cereal! You simply spread the yogurt onto parchment paper on a sheet pan, and then sprinkle your toppings evenly over the top! Toss in the freezer for two hours, and then break it into pieces and you have a delicious snack or breakfast for you and your family!

Easy Frozen Yogurt Bark Recipe with Fruity Cereal


2 Cups Vanilla Yogurt (You can use whatever flavor you want – strawberry or even Greek yogurt too!)
1/2 Cup of Fruity Pebbles
1/2 Cup of Fruit Loops


Place a piece of parchment paper on a baking sheet.
Pour 2 cups of yogurt on the parchment paper. Use a knife to smooth it out.
Sprinkle the Fruity Pebbles and Fruit Loops on top of the yogurt evenly.
Freeze for 2 hours or more.

Easy Frozen Yogurt Bark Recipe with Fruity Cereal

As you can see this is so quick to prep, and within a few hours, you have a tasty treat or breakfast for the next day! Have fun and play around with different flavors of yogurt and cereal to find what fits you and your family the best. Greek yogurt works great for this as well if you prefer Greek over regular yogurt!

What would be your favorite flavor combo you think?

Easy Frozen Yogurt Bark Recipe with Fruity Cereal


  • 2 Cups Vanilla Yogurt (You can use whatever flavor you want - strawberry or even Greek yogurt too!)
  • 1/2 Cup of Fruity Pebbles
  • 1/2 Cup of Fruit Loops


  1. Place a piece of parchment paper on a baking sheet.
  2. Pour 2 cups of yogurt on the parchment paper. Use a knife to smooth it out.
  3. Sprinkle the Fruity Pebbles and Fruit Loops on top of the yogurt evenly.
  4. Freeze for 2 hours or more.

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Show Off Your Favorite Photos On Your Amazon Fire TV + Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

Vacation photos, school photos, birthday photos – you’ve got a million photos stored somewhere, right? Whether you’re showing photos off to guests or just browsing your own archives, now it’s even easier to do so on your Amazon Fire TV – just ask Alexa!

Now, you can relax on your living room couch and flip through your photos and personal videos on the biggest screen in your home using your Alexa Voice Remote. (Please note: This launch is only in the United States.) We just received an Amazon Fire TV Stick and I’m super excited to try it for myself. I’ll share with you later once I have had some time to use it, but in the meantime, I’ll tell you what I know already!

Here’s how it works: customers can view and search for their photos and photo albums with the Alexa Voice Remote and the Prime Photos app on their Fire TV. Prime members can also search for people, places, and things, with phrases like “show photos of dogs,” “show photos of Wyoming,” or “show photos of Jane.”

Not only can you see your photos, you’ll also be able to play a slideshow of your albums, if you so choose.

Prime Photos

With Prime Photos, all US Amazon customers receive 5 GB free digital storage for photos, videos, and files. Plus, if you’re a Prime member, you automatically get unlimited photo storage with Prime Photos and 5 GB digital storage for videos and files.

This also helps solve the problem of where to actually keep all of those photos! Prime Photos helps keep your photos right at your fingertips, wherever you are. Keep your photos safe while you free up space on your devices when you store your photos online with the free Prime Photos apps.

This voice-activated program is a great addition to what you can already do with Prime Photos on your Fire TV. Check out more ways to use the Prime Photos Fire TV app here (hint: you can even change your screensaver!).

Intrigued? Here’s a fun video that gives you an idea of the experience:



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Get Halloween Decorations and Supplies for $1 at

September is here, which means Halloween is right around the corner! While you may be tempted to buy all. the. things. to get ready for Halloween, you don’t have to bust your budget shopping for decorations, craft supplies, candy, and/or party supplies. has a wide variety of $1 specials for a ghoulishly delightful Halloween. There are several bonuses to buying online at vs. shopping in the store:

1) No fighting the crowds
2) You’re buying in bulk, so you’re guaranteed to get as many as you need – no worrying about the store running out of stock
3) There are lots of ideas online for how to use Dollar Tree’s products to make your Halloween extra spooktacular!

Here are some of their Halloween supplies that are catching my eye:

Plastic Skeleton Garlands, 60-in. Strands: $1 each

Frightening little skeletons dance across this garland — a spooky way to add some quirky fun to all your Halloween celebrations! Detailed plastic skeletons are attached to natural twine and are ready to be strung at parties, haunted houses, festivals, and more. Each strand holds 4 skeletons.

Create Your Own Paper Halloween Accessories Kits: $1 each (great for classroom parties!)

Create your own paper Halloween accessories! Fun DIY kits include all you need to create 4 unique monster eyemasks or tiaras including assorted paper cutouts, 4 colorful markers, and a sticker sheet. Great for Sunday school, art classes, camps, and weekend crafts at home. Ages 4+.

Halloween Character Trick-or-Treat Bags: $1 each

Kids can collect their sweet treats on Halloween in these adorable Halloween character bags! Non-woven bags measure 7.5×7.5×5.5-in. to hold plenty of treats, and have attached arms and legs to create to add a little extra fun to their trick-or-treat bags. Also great for resale in costume, gift, and novelty shops. also has some interesting Halloween craft project ideas, like these Witch’s Broom Treat Bags or this cute Cupcake Stand. What Halloween decorations and supplies have you found at Dollar Tree?

Get Halloween Decorations and Supplies for $1!
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