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Pear Puree Recipe + FUN Boon Mealtime Supplies

Boon MealtimeBoon Mealtime

We are starting to work with Clay on eating baby food! He has been doing a wonderful job, he swallows well, and really has begun to enjoy food! It is crazy how fast he has grown, but I love each new milestone! He is getting closer to crawling, which is crazy to me!!!

I have decided to start making our own baby food. I wanted to get a bit of a stock pile going so when he really kicks it in gear on eating we are ready! It is really simple to do baby purees. The reason in making our own food, is less processed foods but also to help save a little money! I have bought some baby food as well to have on hand for ease!




Clay shows the pears were a winner in his book! That smile says it all! He is such a happy little guy, who is so easy going! He has like most of the foods he has tried so far. He wasn’t a fan of the cereal though, he just didn’t enjoy it at all.

Boon SPAN and FORB Mini  – Making Cleaning up Easier

boon Span

Then after all that cooking it was time to load the dishwasher! If you are looking for something awesome, then keep reading! I got a Boon SPAN, it is a silicone dishwasher net and it is awesome! It secures into place so easily, and helps keep items from moving around when being washed! I have had items fall in the past and then melt some because the power of the water moves it around. Having this SPAN has saved my dishes and my life!

Forb Mini

The FORB MINI – looks like a flower but cleans like a freak! The Forb Mini is awesome at cleaning up dishes quickly! The petals are made of super tough silicone, that won’t stratch your dishes! You unscrew the top and fill with soap, then get to scrubbing! As you can see it suds up really nicely on the dishes!


Boon has an awesome line of products from supplies to utensils! As Clay grows we will enjoy using the Boon line of products. It is a brand I trust, and the quality is exceptional!

What is your kiddo’s favorite food right now? 

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  1. Sue Hull says

    Clay is getting so big. He’s so cute! Chloe eats everything. She loves fruit. If I have strawberries she is climbing up on me saying gawma and waiting for me to say its ok that she can one. She’s such a good baby.
    I really like the net cover for the dishwasher.

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