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List of Morning Sickness Remedies

Morning Sickness Remedies

So tomorrow I will be 13 weeks pregnant, and I have had my fair share of morning sickness! I have went and searched out post to find ways to help relieve my symptoms and have tried so many things! I have found some work for me and some don’t do anything at all. But, you have to realize each person’s body is different and they will react to different things better than others! Here are some Morning Sickness Remedies, for you to try, or share with a friend who you know is expecting!

I wish I was a woman who had no symptoms of morning sickness. We found out we were pregnant right at 4 weeks, and before I officially took the test I had symptoms. The nausea has been outrageous some days, but with some help below from home remedies I have found relief. I also finally got on medicine for it that seems to help, but I know a lot of women are not interested in medicine. They prefer all natural remedies which I can respect. I am 13 weeks tomorrow and I still have morning sickness, so I am hoping it ends soon!

Now some women have what is called hypermesis gravidarum, and it is something to be aware of. If you can’t keep anything down, including water, food, juices, prenatals, or medication, you might have to go to the hospital and be treated with IV fluids.

Frequent Small Meals or Snacks- This is a HUGE tip I found that has helped me a ton. Eating small snacks whether it is cheese, crackers, or whatever your tummy can handle. I would eat something little every few hours and that alone helped me from feeling so severely nauseated. Now there were times I couldn’t think about eating but I forced myself and it helped.

Ginger Ale Or Ginger Candy- Okay I love Ginger Ale, so I have known ginger can help with nausea. So when I got pregnant I had it on hand and I began to just sip on it and it helped. The bubbles were nice and I love the taste. You can also buy ginger candy or gum, and that will also help as well. I don’t like the gum I have tried but I know some people love it. A few mama’s have recommended these Ginger People Gin Gins Hard Candy Bag – I personally haven’t tried them.

Sour Candy or Foods- Okay, sucking on sour candy or even Jolly Ranchers can help a ton. I have read that lemons and oranges really help aid in nausea you will experience. Some people suck on the lemon or add a slice or two into their water. I had really good experience with Jolly Ranchers and even Life Savers. Having that extra flavor that has a little bite to it, seemed to help lessen my nausea. Also you can buy these Preggie Pos (All Natural) they have suckers or drops. I bought some and my sister gave some to me as well. They are not super sour, but they do help do the trick. I like the red ones the best!

Herbal Tea- I haven’t tried this one personally, but herbal teas have been known to bring relief. They say ginger, lemon balm, and peppermint are three that have been known to help relieve morning sickness or nausea for any reason.

AccuPressure Wrist Bands- Here is something some women have seen relief from. Sea-Band Mama Wristband Accupressure have been known to help with morning sickness. It hits a pressure point that helps relieve the nausea. I personally have not tried these.

Avoid Triggers- You might experience food aversions and become sensitive to other smells. Sometimes even perfume or cologne can trigger nausea. I know for me beans, and onions are two scents I struggle with. I have to step outside if Adam decides to eat them. Just try to stay away from smells that make you sick, if you can. It will make your nausea more extreme if you are around smells that make you sick.

B6 –  Vitamin B-6, taken as 25 mg every 8 hours, has been shown to have a significant effect in reducing or stopping nausea and vomiting. Now I was told by a friend she did B6 and then a Unisom at night and that helped her a lot. She would take it during the day as well, when the morning sickness was so bad. Unisom can make you sleepy so beware if you are working or traveling.

Stay Hydrated- This is kind of something we all know. But staying hydrated can help a lot. Sometimes I struggled with drinking water, and still do. Even sucking on a popsicle will help. I like gatorade and I sip on that, and have water by me as well and sip on that in between. Smart water has electrolytes so I usually just drink that. It is a bit pricey but worth it.

Fatty Foods- Steer clear from fatty foods, I have been told that so much. You can also struggle with spices and such as well. I try to do a more bland diet when I am struggling hard core and that helps the best. Adding grease to an upset tummy can just be extreme problems!

Sweets or Sugary Foods- They say the same thing about foods that have sugar in it can heighten your morning sickness. Now when I first was pregnant I couldn’t even think about eating sugar, so I wasn’t craving it at all. But, if you feel it helps you, by all means keep eating it!

Eat Your Protein- This has helped me so much. Eating protein has really helped me survive morning sickness. Granted I still have it, but eating meat or even cheese has helped give my tummy a little rest in feeling so sick! Plus it is really good for your body while you are pregnant. We are supposed to have more protein in our diet, I read in a magazine.

 Medication- When all else fails and you can’t find relief, it isn’t bad to go to your doctor and ask for medicine. Their are medicines that are safe for your baby to help relieve your symptoms. I finally got on one that helps me a lot, and it makes me able to function through the day! I was sick all day everyday, and I was so exhausted and couldn’t handle it anymore.

What are some remedies that you did that seemed to help you with your morning sickness?! 


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