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Fulcrum Gallery Sent Me This Stunning Infinity Art Print – Come See!

I was sent this piece of art to share my honest opinion on, courtesy of Fulcrum Gallery! Below is 100% my own opinion. 
Infinity by Gary Faye

A few years ago I bought a new desk for my office, and did a makeover for the room! I spend so much time in here, it is was nice to get the walls painted, get a new desk, chair, and other items! It makes working in here a lot nicer and feels nice and homey! I recently was sent this beautiful Canvas Print – Infinity by Gary Faye! I was able to pick out a piece of art from, and it was pretty hard! They have so many stunning pieces to choose from!

Fulcrum GalleryWhen I finally decided on the Infinity, I was so excited to receive it and see how stunning it was in real life! I chose to get it on a canvas, with black edging. I thought it would fit nicely right in front of my computer! I want to make a quote to put above it on the wall, to complete my wall! The quality of this picture is really amazing, it is so crisp and just stunning all around! I am beyond impressed with the quality and customer service from Fulcrum Gallery! They did a great job, and it looks just like it does on their website. Now granted the lighting has changed the color  a little from what it looks like on the website. But that is my camera’s fault, because in real life it looks just like it does on the site.


I would highly recommend this site for your art needs! Fulcrum Gallery has tons of pictures to choose from! Modern Art, Museum Art, Black and White Pictures, Floral, and so much more! Plus you can customize the picture, if you want it in a frame, on a canvas, or just a basic print! So make sure to check them out!

Do you enjoy displaying art in your house? 

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  1. Grace Hodgin says

    I love the print you choose and I’d probably catch myself looking at it all day. I think it looks lovely and no need for apologies about your camera. We are remodeling our home and are still working on the living room. I’m going to have to go visit this site and see if I can find artwork that would look great on my walls.

  2. Silvia says

    I have been trying to do an office makeover, and definitely it will need a picture like yours! Something inspiring to loose myself for a few minutes at the time when I need to focus on something else (besides the computer) 🙂 Your picture is amazing!!

  3. Barb W. says

    Wow, that is a gorgeous print! I think I’d find myself staring at it endlessly! Our home could definitely use some sprucing up, will definitely keep Fulcrum Gallery in mind.

  4. Deb says

    That is a gorgeous piece of art. Black and white is always stunning and one of my favorite forms of art. It reminds me of a post I wrote about standing on the edge of a cliff and taking a leap of faith. I totally need this for my office as a visual reminder to not be afraid to take chances. thanks for sharing.

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