Mixbook – Create A Personalized Photo Book To Capture Special Moments

I have to share with you all, this amazing photo book I got from MixbookI created a photo book of quite a few photos of Clay over the first almost two years! I can’t believe in October he will be 2 years old! I wanted to create a personalized photo book to have, so we could cherish it for years! If there is one thing anyone knows about me is I love capturing special moments with my camera, to have and look back on later!


Mixbook is an online service that is great for creating and sharing the world’s most customizable photo books, calendars, cards, stationery, invitations and so much more. You can really create custom products to display or send to your loved ones! The best part is their prices are good and they make it affordable!

The Quality Of My Photo Book From Mixbooks Is Outstanding


When my photo book arrived and I opened it up, I was blown away. You guys, the quality of this book is outstanding, they went over and beyond to create a perfect book that is filled with very special moments in our lives! I love how clean and crisp the book is, and I absolutely love the cover. You can choose from all different occasions and designs for your photo book if you make one!

Simple to Create Your Photo Book 


Uploading your images is a breeze, and you can easily drag and place the images where you want them to go. If you don’t like the layout of a page, you can easily change it. They give you so many different options to choose from so that you can make your book fit exactly what you want. I changed the page layout multiple times, as I wanted more images on each page, instead of just a few. It is so easy to do, and I created a book that was exactly what I wanted. The whole process from start to finish on making my book was simple and stress-free! 

I am excited to start shopping and ordering more items from Mixbook, as I am blown away by the quality of their line of products. Each year I make my sister a calendar for Christmas, I am excited to make one for her this year, using Mixbooks!


Check out Mixbook for all your photo needs! They have so many amazing products for different occasions, you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for!

Unboxing Video: Sun Joe Pressure Joe Electric Pressure Washer!

I received the power washer as a promotional item. This is not a sponsored review. All opinions are 100% my own. 

Back again with another unboxing video, this time it is the Sun Joe Pressure Joe 2030 PSI 1.76 GPM 14.5-Amp Electric Pressure Washer! What I love about this pressure washer is you can clean so many things with it, from cleaning the car, driveway, house, boat, deck, lawn equipment and so much more. It is a very versatile piece that would come in handy for most people!


Sun Joe Pressure Joe

We live out in the country so we are constantly getting our car dirty driving on the dirt roads, it will be so nice to have this to clean our car at home! I am excited to get it put together and get to using it! I will do another post of an update on what we think of the pressure washer once we get to use it. I just wanted you all to get to go along on the journey with us on our thoughts through the whole testing of the pressure washer!

Also we are needing to paint our home, since we moved, so that will call for some power washing on the house, so this came just in time! I think we will paint in the Spring when it isn’t so hot here. We have been hitting a minimum of 100 degrees daily this summer, and it is so hot you don’t want to be outside if you don’t have to!


Check out the Snow Joe and Sun Joe line today, they have lots of awesome products you will want I think! I know I could do some shopping with all their awesome products for sure!

Out and About – Family Picnic Fun! #jjcolespringstyle

Family Time Today – We went to Vet’s Park To Enjoy Lunch! 

I received the tote and blanket from JJ Cole, as promotional items courtesy of JJ Cole. This is not a sponsored review. All opinions are 100% my own. 

family picnic

Today we made our way out to Vet’s Park for a family picnic! The weather has been extremely hot lately so we haven’t been doing to many outdoor activities, but the weather wasn’t as hot this morning so we thought to head over and have a little family picnic in the park!

geeseAt Vet’s park they have a little pond, and they have tons of geese that seem to live on it, so it is always fun getting to watch the geese, and see the beautiful scenery! The park even has a little sandy beach area for volleyball, and you can walk all the way around the whole pond! We love to come here, feed the fish and geese, and just enjoy nature! We would come here a lot when I was pregnant with Clay, so it is always fun coming back!


JJ Cole sent us the  Aqua Radian Bucket Tote and the Citrus Breeze Outdoor Blanket, that works perfectly for a good family picnic. The outdoor mat/blanket is great for any occasion. You can lay it out to protect you from grass or dirt. It is a really nice durable fabric, and is soft to sit on. It is 5 ft x 7 ft when it is layed out. The inner lining is perfect, if you have a spill you can easily wipe clean! It is water-resistant, which for anyone with kids knows how important that is!


It does fold up really easily, and has a strap so you can easily carry it like a bag, which is great for hauling it around! When you have a child, you know how much stuff you need for one simple trip. Diapers, food, snacks, toys, extra clothes, and the list goes on. Then if you are having a picnic like us, we got to pack for ourselves as well! Having something that folds up and easy to carry is a must for me anymore. 

jj cole

The bucket tote, is very roomy! It offers 13 pockets total, so you can fit a lot of things in this tote! It has a really fun print on the outside that is very stylish, and I get comments on how pretty my tote is when I wear it! It is very easy-to-clean, and is water resistant canvas! It does include stroller grips, which in the one picture you can see I am using them. It makes it to wear you can clip the bag onto your stroller so you don’t have to carry it on your shoulder! It makes it super handy. I am beyond in love with this tote!

Family Time

We truly had such a fun day, and after we did a little shopping! JJ Cole made our family picnic a little easier, and I am very thankful for this brand. We have bought products from them in the past, and it is always exceptional quality, and of course very stylish! I absolutely love their fun prints they use, and I highly recommend their products to family and friends!

What Have You Been Up to This Summer?! 

Biz Fights Stains Right! #StainFighter

This review was made possible by Biz.  I was provided compensation to facilitate this post, but all opinions stated are 100% mine.


I know some families have a set day that they tackle their laundry piles, for me I do laundry almost every day! I do the laundry as needed, instead of spending half the day tackling it all! My husband works in the oil field so he comes home with some pretty nasty stains some days! Plus he likes to work on engines and be outside doing manly chores, so his clothes pretty much always have some kind of stain needing cleaned up!

I am so excited to team up with Biz and start using their stain fighter! I know I create stains as well as my husband and soon we will have our little guy outside playing and getting stains as well! You can add  Biz Liquid to every load along with detergent to boost the cleaning power and eliminate tough stains, or pre-treat stains directly with Biz liquid.

Different stains require different ingredients to eliminate them. Biz is fully-formulated to work on more stains than most other brands. I think this is so awesome, I can just grab it and use it for multiple stains instead of going out and buying multiple stain fighters!! That is a HUGE win for me!

Biz stain fighter

As you can see my husband’s jeans are an absolute mess right here! I am going to put Biz to work and see how clean it gets these jeans! Make sure to stay tuned for a future post to see how well it did!!! 

If you are interested in trying Biz, check out their Tips and Tricks on using Biz products on their site, this will help give you ways to get the best use out of it !

Monster Truck Wall Sticker For Clay’s Room!

Monster Truck Wall Sticker To Be Like Daddymonster truck wall sticker

Adam competes in mud runs during the Spring and Summer months and he has a Jimmy he races, so when I saw this monster truck wall sticker from Myloview.com! I knew he had to have it! It comes in a nice roll container, so you unroll and stick it to the wall pretty quickly! We had this sticker up in probably less than five minutes! It is 40×40 in size, so pretty good size! The quality is really nice, you just have to be careful when trying to get air bubbles out so you don’t scratch the sticker ink away.

Hoisington Mud Run 2013 009

Adam’s truck is on the left, it is a GMC Jimmy. He has a really souped up motor in it, and it flies through the mud. It may not be a beauty to look at but it flies, don’t be fooled! This is a hobby he loves to do, and is looking forward to when Clay gets older to have him watch him race, and possibly race himself one day!


We put this up by his crib! When he was born his theme was deer and nature, but I think we will be transitioning over to monster trucks soon! I love the mud flings in the sticker, it really makes it fun!

Myloview.com specializes in printing wall murals, posters, wall stickers and prints on canvas (both designed by us and on demand- by our clients)! They have a wide range of stickers, murals, and such to choose from. It can fit the styles of so many, which is really nice. You can get designs to cover your whole wall, or a simple sticker like me. They are really awesome at creating a wide range of products. They have you covered from Myloview.com, Girls and Boy Room, office and everything in between.

Do you like wall decor items like this to decorate your room?