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7 Things To Do For An Easier Week On Sundays

Disclosure AffiliateMake for an Easier Week with these 7 TipsThings To Do For An Easier Week

Most people say there are not enough hours in the day to get all the tasks done they would like. So here is 7 things to do for an easier week on Sundays! This will get you started for an easier week ahead, and make things less stressful! We all could use a little LESS Stress right?! 

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Plan Your Meals for the Week: This is a great one to do, it leaves you not worrying through the week what to make. Create some of your favorite meals, try something new, or mix and match! If you are say not that good at planning ahead, make it easier with the $5 meal plan. It is weekly meal plans delivered every Friday morning to your inbox, which means you don’t have to worry about going to find new recipes for your meal plan each week. Comes with a printable grocery list as well!

Wash Comforters and Sheets: It is best to wash your bedding once a week, so doing it on a Sunday saves you from rushing to do it before you hit the sheets at night on a week night! Plus I always sleep better on clean sheets, so why not have a great night of sleep before you start the week!

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To-Do-List: If you have things you need to get done this week make a list. Do a list of things that HAVE to get done, and things you wish to get done, if you find extra time. Those could be doing a little craft, deep cleaning a closet, etc. That way you get the must have dones and if you have time and want to do more you can check it off your wish list!

Find Time to Pamper: If you love Netflix, then watch some, or do that pedi that is overdue! Make sure to find a little time to just do something you love. It could even be doing some sewing, reading, bike riding, etc. Just make sure you relax. It is always good to start the week out right, and not excessively tired!closet

Outfits for the Week: This goes for yourself or kids! Plan outfits for the week, this truly does save time! If you have kids plan their outfits. Hang each outfit on a hanger along with shoes below it and accessories, do this for each family member if they need help! If you have uniforms still pair it all out so they don’t go searching for the missing sock for 20 minutes!

Prep Breakfast and Lunches: If you can prep up breakfast and lunches, this helps. If you eat salads everyday you can prepare them individually in tupperware and have them ready to go each day. Or do the same for breakfast. Make up some eggs to re-heat for the week, or muffins to get you through the week.

Be Thankful: This is a weird one to some, but being thankful for things in your life and getting your mind in the right frame is key for a good work week. If you wake up grumpy because it is Monday it could ruin your whole week. But waking up and being thankful for the job you have or family whatever it may be will set your mind in the right frame!

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7 Things to Do on Sunday to Make Your Week Easier

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