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When God Gives You A Dream

God Gives you a DreamThe other night I was watching Joel Osteen, and he was talking about when God gives you a dream, it is for a reason. He was talking about not losing hope and, trusting it will happen in time! When he was talking about it, I had that feeling like is this for me to hear right now?! I have been having some mixed emotions on what I feel I am being led to do. Last night I was pretty discouraged and I was talking to Adam, and he said hang in there you are doing great, and I believe this is what you are meant to do. By him saying that it helped to calm me down and analyze how far I have already came. I just have to trust in God, and know that I have this dream for a reason. It may not happen over night, or in 5 years, but it will happen!!! 

I am sure you have questioned your dream like me. Is it real, will it actually happen or not. If God gives you the desire, he will bring you through it. We are living in such a fast pace world that I think we expect things to happen immediately, but with God it is his timing not ours! We have to be exactly where we need to be, before it can happen. If you look at Abraham he had to wait 25 years for his son Isaac. We can’t lose hope, we have to keep moving on, praying and trusting it will come to pass.

This morning I was reading my devotional and it was on the same topic as what I heard Joel preaching on. I really thought to myself, okay Kelsey, now you really know you need to listen to what is being said and digest this. Don’t just overlook this over and over again. Have faith and trust, and don’t get discouraged. So, do you have a dream or vision that you are waiting on to come in to play? Are the words you are reading striking a cord within? If you answer yes, make sure to digest this like I am.

We are all meant to have greatness in our lives, and God gives us a dream and puts it on our hearts.  We have to be still and listen to what God wants from us. If God gives you a passion for something, then God will get you to the finish line. Your dream will come to pass, we have to be patient! If you are still trying to decide what you are meant to do, don’t get discouraged! You will figure it out, just pray for guidance and God will show you!!

Let’s Pray: 

Lord God, true and faithful. We come to you now and ask that when we are full of doubt that you can be there to show us the truth. That in those moments where we question what we are meant to do, that you can give us peace and understanding. Forgive us when we allow doubt and fears to creep into our minds. Through the powerful name Jesus, you enable us to see the truth and live our lives with peace and understanding.


 Proverbs 1:7

NLT 7 Fear of the Lord is the foundation of true knowledge,
but fools despise wisdom and discipline.

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  1. Tesa @ 2 Wired 2 Tired says

    I know exactly what you mean. I’ve got a big dream and it just may come true in the next few months at the same time some things have popped up that may push it off a for awhile. I have been very stressed about it all but now that I’ve read your post, I’ve realized I just need to sit back and relax a bit.

    • Kelsey says

      Well Tesa, I hope that your dream does happen very soon like you are thinking!! It is very easy to say not to worry, than following through ;-)! As I had a little break down yesterday haha. We just have to trust it is in God’s hands and he will be there to help!

  2. Kathleen Kennedy-Leon says

    AMEN to that Kelsey!! AMEN to that! I’ve been fortunate enough to see Joel live in NYC and he is just an amazing preacher. You have really conveyed what God does have in store for all of us. So just take a deep breath and let it unfold on God’s schedule not yours–while that’s hard-it will happen. Thanks for sharing and giving me a reminder and focus 🙂 Be well

    • Kelsey says

      Aw Thanks Kathleen! Wow that would be awesome to see Joel Osteen live, he really has such a powerful gift!! You are so right, be still and trust!!! Thanks for stopping by <3!!

  3. Sarah says

    Timing is everything! One of my favorite sayings is God has three answers to your prayers: yes, no and wait. All too often the answer is “wait” but how amazing when you see your dreams come true!

  4. Laura O in AK says

    I completely agree and have seen some decisions that fit in God’s plan to be richly rewarded. I always try to spend time in prayer before making big decisions to see if it fits in His will.

  5. Mary says

    Great post. I agree wholeheartedly. If you felt led by God to do something-he will make it happen. It may not happen in your time, but in God’s time, so hang in there! He knows what He’s doing!

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