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9 Ways to Prevent Hitting A Deer – It is Prime Season Right now

Simple Tips to Help Prevent Hitting A Deer In the Peek Season ways to prevent hitting a deer

I wanted to share some ways to prevent hitting a deer with you when you are driving down the road! Starting in early October through December you can see more deer in your area depending where you live! Did you know that more than 20,000 vehicle collisions can be expected each year from deer! That is truly a lot, and some can result in fatalities, multiple injuries, and major car damage. It is so important to be aware that deer could be crossing the roads so you can be extra prepared if you ponder one!

Avoid Hitting A Deer While Driving 

Deer can be seen most often crossing the road in the early mornings and evenings. Particularly around dusk and dawn. I know on our road those are the prime times we see them as well. We have deer that even come into our yard, since we live in the country! When we leave the house we always know we have to be prepared to see a deer or two in the road or by the side. I will do what it takes to avoid hitting a deer while driving, it can injure everyone in the car and do a lot of damage to your vehicle.

We actually hit a deer on the way up to the hospital the day we had baby Clay! Luckily my husband was driving and did all the right things and we didn’t get any damage to our car, that was by the Grace of God for sure! I don’t know how it didn’t hurt the car!

Ways to Prevent Hitting a Deer 


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  1. Wear your Seat Belt – This is a law in our state and many others. Wearing a seat bet can truly save your life if you do get in a wreck.
  2. Dusk and Dawn – Make sure to pay extra attention at these times for deer. Look into the ditches and fields to ensure you don’t see some running up. If you do see a deer close to the road slow down, as they could get spooked and run right towards the road causing a collision.
  3. See One Deer Expect More– If you see one, always know that more could be around .They do like to roam together, so just keep eyes open.
  4. Awake and Aware– This is a no brainer, just make sure to be awake, alert and aware of your surroundings. If you see a deer crossing sign know that you need to really pay close attention.
  5. Deer Whistles – Some people swear that deer whistles work at keeping the deer away. It lets off an ultra-sonic sound that can’t be heard  by humans. It can alert animals up to a 1/4 of a mile ahead, which helps keep deer away from the road!
  6. Headlights– Make sure your headlights are nice and clean so you can optimize the light it lets out to watch for deer. High beams are great for getting a closer look into the ditches when driving. If your headlights are bug covered, use a headlight cleaning kit to get them clean again!
  7. Don’t Swerve– Don’t swerve your vehicle to avoid hitting a deer. I know that sounds odd but if you swerve you could lose control and get in a worse wreck. It is better to hit the deer, then swerve and go off the road or collide with another vehicle in the other lane.
  8. Avoid Braking at Impact– This doesn’t mean don’t break before impact, that is fine. Just try to avoid braking as you hit the deer. Some experts say that this will make the car go down, so that the deer is most likely to pass under the car verses hitting your windshield!
  9. Report Accident– If you do hit a deer it is imperative that you call your local authorities to report the accident.

What tips do you have that you do to prevent hitting a deer, or tips if you do see one?




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