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Vtech Video Monitor Review

With my children still being younger, we don’t have many vtech products, but we LOVE their monitors. We currently own a Vtech video monitor and have truly loved it. When I realized that Vtech had a video monitor I was VERY happy to be able to review it!

vtech video monitor

There are many features that it has that I love. First and foremost, I absolutely loved that I was able to get it set up and put together in under 5 minutes!  Let me tell you, with 2 young children, I only thoroughly enjoy products that can be put together very quickly. I had to charge the parent unit, decide where I want the other unit and mount it on the wall. I was very pleased to see that the parent unit has rechargeable batteries. I hate to go through tons of batteries on products!  At bedtime, I have it plugged in on the charger, but throughout the day I use it on battery power!

The video monitor sees very well in the dark. I loved the fact that I could make the screen dark and quiet until my child makes a noise, then it turns on. This was a feature that was wonderful for me. I really liked that it was quiet and dark, it made me sleep a little easier. It was also great that you can set how sensitive you want it to be, you can choose to pick up on the really little noises or to pick up on the other sounds.A bonus on this monitor, is the fact that with the parent unit, you can push a button and talk to your child. Sometimes your baby just needs to hear your voice, but might have a HUGE fit if you walk in the room. I used the talk feature many times!

We chose to mount the monitor on the wall with the included mounting kit. We put it far enough away that we are able to see the whole crib for when our 4 month old gets even bigger. I loved that there is a zoom feature that can be used zoom in close, so you can check up on your baby if necessary.


ACCESSORIES: A wonderful thing about this monitor, is the ability to link up to 4 cameras with the one parent unit. You can purchase the video monitor with just one camera, or all the way up to 4 monitors. You are also able to purchase just a monitor to add to your unit later.

Another wonderful feature is that the unit plays 5 different lullabies. The only problem thing that I wish could have been different was the ability to turn on the lullabies from the parent unit. It’d be nice to turn it on if the child wakes early or takes longer to go to sleep!

Overall I was VERY impressed with everything on this monitor. Having a toddler, I make sure to keep the babies door closed. I like that I can “peak” in on my baby with the monitor, I don’t have to risk waking her up anymore if I want to see how she is doing!. I most definitely plan on purchasing a second monitor to help keep an eye on my crazy toddler!  If you have been thinking about purchasing a video monitor, this is most definitely the way to go!  It does a great job, and it is an affordable option to many of its competitors, with many additional features that they don’t offer!

If you would like to purchase the Vtech Video Monitor, or to see more about the features, please visit their website!

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