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Vegetable Cream Cheese Dip Recipe

Vegetable Cream Cheese Dip Recipe

We did an early Christmas party at my sister’s house a few weeks back. Well she had some dip that was just amazing!! I asked her how she made it, and it is sooooooo easy!!

So I asked her if it would be okay if I shared with all of you and she said sure!! I think you will love this dip for sure. We used crackers but I think it would even be good with carrots and other veggies! Here is the recipe for the vegetable cream cheese dip!


Knoor Vegetable Soup Dry Mix
2  8 oz. packages of softened cream cheese
1 tsp dried parsley

How to Make Vegetable Cream Cheese Dip: 

I put the vegetable soup mix in a food processor and turned it on for a few seconds to help break down all the chunks making it more smooth. Then just stir it into the softened cream cheese, sprinkle the parsley on top for looks and serve with crackers or veggies!!

Chill in fridge until ready to serve.

As you can see super easy to make, and is a crowd pleaser!  Now if you want to it be a bit chunkier then you don’t have to put the mix in the food processor. If you don’t have a food processor and want it broken up, you could even take a rolling pin and smash the mix while in a bag.

What other kinds of dips do you like to take to a party or potluck dinner? Always up for trying new recipes :-)!

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