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How To Use Wall Decals for A Nursery

Children are imaginative and we have to try to develop their thinking capacity. I did not want to create my kids’ room with a dull look. I always think about some special wall decals for a nursery which can help to decorate my kids’ room as something attractive and colorful. General colors like, pink, red, white and black are available in the market for decoration but these colors are so backdated that children do not get interested in it.

nursery decals Creative bonanza for nursery

We can try some wall decals from for children’s room. Now special wall stickers and decals are available in the market and online shops. Kids are always special for us and we have to try out some creative and colorful decals for them. Kids are highly imaginative and they learn many things by watching. They do not pronounce their feeling in words and their thinking power does not develop at an infant age. They learn lot of things by watching elements, listening words and also in trying to follow us. So, if we use some creative sense in their room walls then it will help them to learn.

How to use wall decals for kid’s room?

It is very simple and easy. Almost all the wall decals which are available in the market are reusable and no adhesive like, glue, gum or water is required for using decals. As we know that adhesive is very harmful for kids and I do not recommend using it in the kid’s room. Kids love fun and playing. We can conduct the installation process of wall decals in kid’s room by inviting them because it is very simple process. We just stick off the back paper of the wall decals and paste it in the wall. When we feel to change the designs, we can easily replace it with another one. No technicians or experts are needed for installing the wall decals.

princess castle decals Some variety of wall decals

Lots of designing wall decals is available in the online shopping portals. You can click here to purchase some of them and use them in our kids ‘room instantly. Prince’s castles and fairy world: this is one of the new trends in the market. I love these wall decals because many graphic designs and creative figures are placed in this design. Especially these decals are ideal for any girl’s room. Every girl listens to many fairy tales from their parents. When I was a kid, I always dreamt about friends who live in castles, and also about princes and flying horse. Fairy tales are the world of our dream and it is a creation of our imagination. If we use this fairy tale characters in our kids’ wall then it will look different and vibrant. A castle surrounded with lots of stars and a princess standing behind a colorful tree is a nice wall decal. We can paste these cherry tree for nursery and decorate the roof with star and bluest sky. When our little girl sleeps in her room, we can see that our princess is taking rest in a castle. She can imagine all these things by watching her wall decals and we can motivate her to learn about some awesome fairy tale story. Through this process, she will become a real princess in her life because we think all kids are symbol of fairy tales prince and princesses, without them, no story will be created and fairy creation will be stopped permanently.

Designs with some words

We can use some captions and poems in our kid’s room also. After pasting some wall decals in the room we can paste some quotations. I have seen that many blank spaces remain after using wall decals. If we put some lines into these blank spaces then it can become more creative. Apart from this, we can decorate our kid’s furniture with lots of colorful decals and stickers. We can use many cartoon characters and animal cartoons like, cat, dog, zebra, and owl on the animated tree, scrolling tree and animated black and white foxes. I can give some suggestions for decorating the kid’s room like,

  •  We can create a black board on the wall.
  •  Pasting colorful alphabets on the wall.
  •   Eiffel tower picture with captions.
  •  Cat playing around an animated tree.
  •  Paste cartoon figures on the mirrors.
  •  Use some animated designs as floor tiles.
  •  Design the floor as a chess board.
  •  Design the roof as a fairy knight.
  •  Use vibrant colors in the kid’s room.

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