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Tired Iron Show at Santa Fe Trails Center Museum

Anvil Shooting, Wheat Threshing and More at the Tired Iron Show

Tired Iron Show - Larned KS 

If you ever are on a road trip and looking for something fun to do, check out the Tired Iron Show at the Santa Fe Trail Center Museum in Larned Kansas! This is the town we live in, and we decided to head over and see what was going on today! The tired iron show is full of neat things to do, you can watch an anvil shoot, wheat threshing, and corn shelling demonstrations and more! They have Kids corn hunt, where in a big tub kids can dig through corn for treasure! Look in an old sod house to see what it was like back in the olden days, and much more!

Santa Fe Trail Center Museum

Santa Fe Trail Center Museum

We have went a few times and it is so fun! They have barrel train rides for kids, a petting zoo, cowboy mounted shooting and so so much more! I love the train station building, it is so neat to see a piece of a train track. Inside the building they have it displayed like in the olden days, they have an old wood stove, old signs and more.

Railroad Crossing

I love how they have it decorated in the building, it is so neat. I love the little lights above, it is just neat to see history all over the place! All the fun signs, we could spend all day walking around and looking at everything. Plus they have a couple food vendors if you find yourself getting hungry!

I actually bought some homemade flour I am excited to use, they were grinding it right in front of us. Very fresh and homemade, it was neat watching it be made! Not something you get to see everyday! It is fun living in a smaller town with so much history surrounding us! 

Old Tractor that runs off of Coal

Can’t see the video, click here to watch on YouTube.

This is an tractor that runs on coal, they demonstrated how it was used. They had a little area where they were working up the land, it was neat to watch the tractor pulling. I captured a short video to show you guys, it was windy so I apologize for the sound! The tires are made out of steel, so when it pulls it leaves indentations in the ground.

As you can see it was a great time! So if you make your way to Kansas make sure to stop by next time they have it!!

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