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These 7-up Biscuits Are So Light and Fluffy!! Only 4 Ingredients!

7-up biscuits

So I have to say these 7-up biscuits are the best I have ever had! I have never loved most biscuits, and I love the ones at like KFC or McDonald’s at breakfast time. I find that these 7-up biscuits taste similar to them!! Plus they are pretty easy to whip up and only use 4 ingredients, and a little flour to use to roll them out!!


4 cups Bisquick
1 cup sour cream
1 cup 7-up
1/2 cup melted butter
1/4 cup flour

How To Make: 

In a microwave safe bowl, you will want to melt the butter, and then pour it into the baking dish. Leave it set aside, because you will end up putting the biscuits on top of it once rolled out :-).

Then in a separate bowl (I used KitchenAid) you want to mix the bisquick and sour cream together. Once it is a bit clumpy you want to then put the cup of 7-up in! Mix well, and then you will want to put it on a floured place where you can then roll them out.

Then cut out all the biscuits and with the scraps re-roll and cut out more biscuits. I don’t have a circle cutter so I just used a small cup and it worked just fine.

Then Place them right on top of butter in your pan.

Bake at 450 degree’s for around 8-14 minutes or until the biscuits are nice and golden brown!

And your done! These are great for biscuit and gravy, served with jelly, or with a meal! So scrumptious and fluffy!

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