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Take Old Christmas Ornaments and Make them Look Like New!

Glitter Ornament

Have you noticed how expensive some Christmas Ornaments are now a days?! I was pretty shocked that some are like $3-$10 a piece if you don’t buy them in a bundle. So, I came up with a fun way to take old Christmas Ornaments and give them a makeover!

Old Christmas Ornament Craft

As you can see these ornaments look pretty sad. They are all scratched up and such. I found these at a flea market for only $0.50 for the whole box. So I thought it would be fun to make them look like new again!

Items You Need: 

Old Ornaments 
Glitter (whatever colors you want! I did red and silver) 
Spray glue – It is in a can and you spray it like spray paint!

Red Glitter Ornaments

How to Make:

I put some old newspaper on my craft table, and then got a couple of measuring cups, but you can use any small bowl. Pour your glitter into 1 of the cups. Take the ornaments and spray one at a time with the glue, and then pour the glitter on to them, and shake off the excess, into the other bowl. Then just repeat these steps for each ornament, and hang to dry.

Super easy, and it was pretty quick. The one pictured above is just red, I then mixed the red and silver glitter I had to make the rest of them, as I thought it fit our tree better!

Once dried, then hang on your tree 🙂 and you have fabulous looking ornaments! What colors do you like to have on your tree? Or do you mix them up each year.

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  1. Sue Hull says

    What an awesome idea! This would be a great and fun project for my sister to do with my neices. Thank you so much for sharing 🙂

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