Did you See the Star of Bethlehem Last Night?!

Watch on You Tube if you can’t see this video here. People Get Ready, Jesus is Coming by Avalon


Wow I haven’t done any Faith post in quite awhile, I was thinking about that late last night! So, I thought now is the perfect time to do one! Last night I don’t know if you all knew but the last night in the west, northwest part of the sky you could see the Star of Bethlehem! Jupiter and Venus get very near to being in alignment, this has not happened in 2,000 years. Some believe that this conjunction of stars is the Bethlehem Star, that was seen after the birth of Jesus! The seeing of it last night is a sign that Jesus is Coming back soon, to some people. Other people see it as two planets aligning, and that is it. It just depends on your walk with God and the way you view things.


It was very bright, and such a neat thing to see! My mother-in-law actually texted us earlier in the day and told us about it. I had no idea it was happening, so it was nice to hear about it and get to see it!

I know people have been saying for years Jesus is coming soon, get ready and such. It has made people not believe the time is near, but I truly do feel the time is coming and we do need to get our hearts right with the Lord and be ready. If we are here during Tribulation time, that will be so hard, harder than I think most of us can imagine, and if we are not strong in our faith it will be even harder! I have just been feeling in my heart to get my heart right with God, and work on growing my faith closer to him. Breaking down the walls I have, healing the wounds, and become strong. So if I am faced with a trial, I turn to him and know that no matter what I will be okay, because he is with me and in the end I always win.

I have always had pretty good faith, but I just want to grow deeper. I feel that tugging at my spirit to go deeper in my walk with God. If the rapture doesn’t happen in my lifetime, what did I do that was wrong, absolutely nothing! I prepared my heart for the day to be with Jesus and my family, all that did was better myself. It made life more enjoyable and peaceful while I was here on earth! So whether you think it is End Times or not, I still think we all should try and grow closer to God, and build a stronger relationship with him! Maybe you already are very strong in your faith, hats off to you!!! I feel I am not done growing, and that is why I decided to write this post! Maybe there are a few of you out there that feel the same way as me!

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Trusting in God Can Truly Make a Big Difference In Our Lives!

Psalm 18:2I remember when we bought our new couch, we got it home and boy was it hard getting it in the front door. I bet we tried 50 ways on how to get it in the house and none of them were working.  I could feel the frustration rising between Adam and I, and it wasn’t helping on speeding up the process.  I finally had enough and decided to go sit in the bedroom for a few minutes to cool down. It was a super hot day, and having the fan blow it’s cool air helped to drop my blood pressure ;-)!  When I went in and sat on the bed I started praying for God to help us to get this couch in. We had waited so long for this couch and now that it was here we couldn’t get it in the house!! I said I have no idea how to make it work, it seems impossible without breaking the door down, I know with your help we can do it.

A few minutes later Adam came in the bedroom and said something. I can’t fully remember what it was but he had a new idea on how to get the couch in. I agreed to go back out and give it another shot. Honestly, it was awesome the first try we got the couch in the house!!

Moral of the story, if I would have asked for help in the beginning rather then trying to  figure things out on my own, maybe we wouldn’t have went through the stress of trying to get it in for so long!! It was so amazing to see I called out to God for help, and within a few minutes we had it in the house! God is willing to help, and it is our choice to allow him in our try and do things on your own. As you can see I wasn’t successful, as I am not in all things in my life. Without him I am nothing. Trusting in God is so simple to do and yet so rewarding!!

I have been reading Living Beyond Your Feelings: Controlling Emotions So They Don’t Control You by Joyce Meyers, and I have to say this is such a good book! I have been living my life off of how I feel each day! I wake up and if I don’t feel good it sets the bar for the day, or if I am tired I might skip out on a few things. We have to learn to wake up refreshed each day, and live the life God intended us to live!! Don’t give in to our emotions and don’t allow it to consume your life and paralyze you!! This is something I am working on, as I have lived in fear and anxiety for a long time. I am training my mind to not live life off of how I feel but what I know in my heart and with Faith through Jesus!!

Waking up with a better attitude has really helped me in my day to day life. I don’t feel so overwhelmed and like I have lost control. I am trusting no matter what is going on around me, I give it to God to take care of. In the end all things are possible through Christ Jesus!! So I ask you to stop and look at your life. Are you living in the moment of feelings or are you living in faith?!

Let’s Pray: 

Lord God we come to you right now, and ask that you bring us peace and understanding. That all things in our lives are made possible through you. When we feel the tide rolling in on us, we can look to you for peace. When things seem impossible you are the answer. I ask that you help strengthen us to live life through you and not base our happiness off our feelings but the faith we have in you!!




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Psalm 119:105: Your Word is a Lamp to My Feet, and a Light to my Path

Psalm 119:105: Your Word is a Lamp to My Feet, and a Light to my Path

Your word is a LAMP to my Feet, and a LIGHT to my Path. 

Psalm 119:105

Our life journey has many ups and downs along the way. I feel that we can control for the most part of how we live our lives, and our happiness. Granted we are all going to have bad days and feel sad and down in the dumps, but we can choose to walk in Faith and be thankful for our lives. Through the bad times and the good, God is with us and ready to help us whenever we need it.

 I know I personally have days where I just want to lay in bed and do nothing. Or if something bad is going on in my life I can push the world away and just stay inside hiding from the world. This year I have decided to try and make everyday count. That I will focus on the word of God, to help me overcome life’s struggles.

So this scripture really hits a chord deep inside. I have been reading the bible and uplifting books, and I have noticed a difference in my actions and feelings. I feel that I am happier throughout the day, that I am more at peace with my life. I am trying to focus on the word of God, by reading and I can see that my path is being laid out before me and no matter what way life goes, I am trusting that God is in control!

When you are having a moment of doubt, or fear, just say this scripture in your head, and know that God has you taken care of. All you do is have to call upon him and he is right by your side ready to help you with any and everything in your life!!


Lord I pray that your words are the lamp to my feet. That you will lead me in the path you have laid out for my life, that in the times I struggle I can turn to the word and know I am covered by the blood of Jesus. I thank you for being the light to my path, and loving me unconditionally through the good and bad times! 


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Trust the Lord Completely; don’t ever trust yourself. In All You Do Put God First

Trust the Lord

Trust the Lord Completely; don’t ever trust yourself. In everything you do, put God first, and He will direct you and crown your efforts with success.

Proverbs 3: 5-6


I didn’t grow up in a really religious home. I knew that their was a God, but that was about it. I could count on one hand how many times I went to church with my family. As I started getting older I would go here and there but I never felt like I was getting anything out of it, but I was a teenager so I was thinking everything had to be about me.

I ended up moving and came met a friend Marsha, and she really opened me up and helped me see the amazing relationship I could have with God and Jesus! I started going to church a lot, doing bible studies, and finding myself focusing on God constantly. In that time I felt myself becoming happier with life, and even when I hit a hard spot in life I knew I would make it through by the grace of God. 

Since then I have had ups and downs of my faith. When things get hard I would start to worry about things, and analyze why it is happening. So when I see this scripture it reminds me that I can’t trust in myself to figure something out, I give it to God and he will take care of me. Whether he leads me out of the issue, or guides me through it, I will come out on top at the end.

So if you are struggling or have troubles in your life, try giving it to God and allowing him to work through the problem. If you find yourself thinking about the issue then give it right back to God. No matter what he will be there to comfort and guide you, if you allow him too!! 

We are all human and it is in our nature to be problem solvers, and try and fix things on our own. I still have those moments, but I just have to constantly remind myself that God is in control, and he will get me through it one way or another.

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Uplifting Quotes – To Live By and Overcome



Uplifting Quotes


Uplifting Quotes


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