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Psalm 119:105: Your Word is a Lamp to My Feet, and a Light to my Path

Psalm 119:105: Your Word is a Lamp to My Feet, and a Light to my Path

Your word is a LAMP to my Feet, and a LIGHT to my Path. 

Psalm 119:105

Our life journey has many ups and downs along the way. I feel that we can control for the most part of how we live our lives, and our happiness. Granted we are all going to have bad days and feel sad and down in the dumps, but we can choose to walk in Faith and be thankful for our lives. Through the bad times and the good, God is with us and ready to help us whenever we need it.

 I know I personally have days where I just want to lay in bed and do nothing. Or if something bad is going on in my life I can push the world away and just stay inside hiding from the world. This year I have decided to try and make everyday count. That I will focus on the word of God, to help me overcome life’s struggles.

So this scripture really hits a chord deep inside. I have been reading the bible and uplifting books, and I have noticed a difference in my actions and feelings. I feel that I am happier throughout the day, that I am more at peace with my life. I am trying to focus on the word of God, by reading and I can see that my path is being laid out before me and no matter what way life goes, I am trusting that God is in control!

When you are having a moment of doubt, or fear, just say this scripture in your head, and know that God has you taken care of. All you do is have to call upon him and he is right by your side ready to help you with any and everything in your life!!


Lord I pray that your words are the lamp to my feet. That you will lead me in the path you have laid out for my life, that in the times I struggle I can turn to the word and know I am covered by the blood of Jesus. I thank you for being the light to my path, and loving me unconditionally through the good and bad times! 


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  1. Sue Hull says

    Amen! Love that scripture. That’s a beautiful picture,I just love the snow.
    I hope you have a blessed day 🙂

  2. Dawn Lopez says

    What a beautiful quote and photo to go with it. Thanks for the much needed inspiration! I definitely need to focus on making every day count too, thanks for sharing your personal thoughts on this 😉

    • Kelsey says

      Thanks Dawn!! Yes I know exactly what you mean, sometimes I get so wrapped up in life, I forget to focus on the day and feeling blessed and very thankful for what I have!

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