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Strawberries dipped in Cool Whip Chocolate Frosting

Cool Whip Chocolate Frosting


I am a huge fan of strawberries and chocolate. It seems like they really compliment each other perfectly!! I bought this  Cool Whip Chocolate Frosting a few weeks back, and I thought this would be great for dipping strawberries in!! I keep the Cool Whip frosting in the freezer, and it is still very easy to scoop out!!

Strawberries and chocolate


As you can see the frosting is so light and fluffy and it dips nicely!  This chocolate frosting isn’t super strong like other frostings. It is very light and has few calories so it makes a great snack option for sweet lovers!! This would also be a fun thing to wash up different fruits and place on a platter and take to a party. Pair it with this Cool Whip Chocolate Frosting for them to dip in! Doesn’t need anything added to it, and it will leave them raving. Cool whip also has a vanilla and a cream cheese flavor! The cream cheese one is heavenly as well.

Plus if you have date nights this would make a fun dessert option, and it is a rather cheap dessert too and no cooking or real prep work involved! Also with Valentines day right around the corner, I thought this would be a great time to share it with ya!!

 How do you like to enjoy your fruit? Plain, sugar sprinkled on top, or dipping in a fruit dip of some sort? I am always up for learning or trying out new things! I love my fruit, I think I could eat it everyday!

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