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My Favorite Goldie Hawn and Kate Hudson Movies! Plus Win a Trip to NYC


For the past year or so I have been addicted to watching Something Borrowed, it has Kate Hudson, Ginnifer Goodwin, Colin Egglesfield and other great actors! I don’t know why but I can’t get enough of watching it. My husband bought it for me last year for Christmas! I love Kate Hudson, I know I have said that before. She is just in really awesome movies like, How to Lose a Guy in 1o Days, My Best Friends Girl, Bride Wars, man the list could go on and on!


I think she got her talent from her wonderful mom Goldie Hawn, who I adore as well!! Loved her in First Wives Club, that movie cracked me up! But out of all the movies she was in, Overboard is still hands down my favorite movie. My mom and I would watch it over and over again, and it never got old!

These women are so beautiful and I love that they teamed up with Almay and to me they fit perfectly! They are both timeless beauties who have such great personalities from what I have seen, and are very talented! It is nice to see them helping showcase the Almay beauty line!!

Plus just a last minute reminder –  You still have a Chance to Win a Trip to NCY with makeovers for two! With Mother’s Day almost here, it would be fun to enter this giveaway, and if you win it can be a late-gift for you and your mom. They show the instructions on the page as to how to enter!!!

Do you have a favorite Kate Hudson or Goldie Hawn movie? I would love to hear!!

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  1. Amber Edwards says

    I love both actresses! I can’t pick a favorite Kate Hudson movie. Far too many. I just love them all! Bridewars, how to lose a guy in 10 days! Oh they are all just so great!

    • Kelsey says

      Hahaha I know what you mean Amber! They have some good movies to choose from for sure!! I love Bridewars I watched that a few weeks back when it was on tv!!

  2. Dede says

    Wha??????? I didn’t know Kate Hudson’s mom was Goldie Hawn. (smacks hand on forehead) I loved Overboard, too, such a cute movie. I’ve read Something Borrowed but haven’t seen the movie. Off to put it in my Netflix queue.

  3. Stevie Wilson says

    the Reluctant Fundamentalist would be a good choice if only because it’s not a chick flick rom-com. She rarely plays anyone with a lot of depth.. and this was her chance to show her serious acting chops

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