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Quick and Easy Iced Latte At Home – Just A Few Ingredients!

Iced Latte At Home – Fraction of The Price Compared to Coffee Shops! iced latte at home

Here is a super quick and easy iced latte recipe for you all to try at home! I am not a big coffee drinker but when I do decide to indulge I love latte’s, fraps, etc. My husband on the other hand loves straight up coffee, he is not into all the added deliciousness like me!

clayWith a new baby, let’s just say I still am not getting a ton of sleep, so this really helps give me the boost of energy I need! This is a really quick and easy recipe, that has minimal ingredients! I don’t have a lot of time, so quick and easy is a must these days! Plus you all know I like to save money and I found a great price on my capsules that are compatible with my Nespresso Machine! 


I own a Nespresso Inissia Espresso Maker, and that is what I use to brew, it is so quick and simple to use. I have found that the Gourmesso Capsules are compatible with my Nespresso machine and save me a ton of money! Gourmesso is a New York based startup company offering quality coffee priced 30% less than Nespresso. With 20 blends, we have the larger variety of capsules under all alternatives, most of which are Fair-Trade certified.You all know I love a good deal!

gourmesso capsules

The Brasile Blend Dolce is my favorite flavor that I have tried of the capsules! It works perfect in my iced latte recipe, but you can truly use any espresso or strong coffee that you prefer!

How to Make Your Own Iced Latte At Home 



how to make iced latte

I whipped this up really quick and was able to enjoy it in minutes! Adding in flavored syrups can be a lot of fun! I like the caramel flavor the most. Put as much or as little as you want. You can do any flavor or flavors you want! Feel free to play around and create a delicious creation!

What is your favorite pick me up drink?


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  1. Sue Hull says

    Oh my gosh! Clay is sooooo cute and getting big. I make a frap. I make my hazelnut coffee,1 sweet n low,and coffeemate hazelnut creamer and a lot of ice cubes.I love it super thick! In the blender it all goes and then tons of yumminess. Yours looks pretty good to. I hope you doing good 🙂

  2. Lisa Brown says

    This looks like a great summer drink! Nothing like an afternoon coffee drink for an extra jolt of energy. Thanks for sharing!

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