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Not Happy But Black Widow Spiders Are Here In Kansas

Black Widow Spider

There is one thing that anyone who knows me knows about me.. I HATE Spiders!

I am so scared of them. Black brown, big, small, you name it I don’t want anything to do with them!! I saw on the news last night before bed that Black Widow Spiders are trying to make a home here in Kansas. Because of our mild winter it has allowed these nasty little things to make their way here!

Here is a clip from article on KSN:

Foley says twenty years ago, he’d see a black widow once every couple years. Now, he says he sees them every day.

“We’re going to find them outside around meters, cable boxes, we’re going to find them in tool sheds, woodpiles, brick or rock piles,” said Foley.

So I have been keeping my eyes open for these deadly little spiders. I am not sure how I will react if I see one, but I do hope I never see one. I am so scared of them and all night I dreamed of them.. eeekkkss! So if you live in Kansas beware and make sure to spray your house!

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  1. Cheryl Abdelnour says

    My youngest son in college was bit by a spider several weeks ago. Since we have moved to MN he sent us pictures on his cell phone . He was bit on the hand. His hand and arm swelled. He went to ER and got oral antibiotics and antibiotics to take home. He ended up going to the doctors several more times and got a shot of antibiotic each time. The doctor also drained fluid from his hand. Tests showed he was bit by a black widow and developed MERSA also. I’m happy to say he is doing well now. So— the moral of the story is to be careful around spiders! Don’t let it paralaze you with fear, just be careful.

    • Kelsey says

      Oh my goodness that is terrible!! I am glad to hear he is doing better from the bite. I have heard that they are really bad if you get bit. Glad he caught it and got fixed up.. sounds painful though! Yes, I am very cautious, I just don’t like spiders and really don’t like poisonous ones!!

  2. Kathryn says

    We have them EVERYWHERE here is California. They usually keep to themselves but now I can spot a widow web in seconds. Ways you can tell their web is very unorganized and stringy. Another way is you cannot distroy widow webs with water-hose. Others you can. Also black widows are not deadly to all.. Just those with weak immune systems. I am more scared of the brown recluse!

    • Kelsey says

      Thanks for the tips on their webs and stuff, I will keep that in mind for sure! We do have brown recluses here and ya I agree those little boogers are scary, cause i have seen their bites! My husband got bit by one when he was younger and he said it was such a mess! Wish their weren’t deadly or hurtful spiders out there 🙂 that would be a nice world!

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