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Not a Fan – Brownies with Can of Pumpkin for Lower Calories

pumpkin brownies

So I have seen everywhere about using a can of pumpkin for making brownies! Cuts out calories and is supposed to taste just as good. This has been all over pinterest, and I thought heck why not try it out!

Brownie Mix with a Can of Pumpkin Recipe


Brownie Mix

1 can pumpkin puree

How to make: 

Mix brownies and pumpkin together and don’t add other ingredients on back of brownie box. Bake till done and eat.. bleck!

Well .. I put it to the test. 

Outcome: not impressed folks. I found the brownies to have a rubberish texture that wasn’t for me at all! They also didn’t taste near as good.

I know that they are lower calorie and will have  different taste, but I really hated these, as did my husband. He said he couldn’t even eat them, and for him that is a big deal!  I have tried many other lower calorie products and was fine with the transition. These just were majorly off for us.

Have you tried this?? If so what are your thoughts

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  1. Linda says

    My theory is… if I want to have a brownie, I will have a brownie… no low fat, low carb, sugar free etc…Hence why I am the size I am…lol!

    • Kelsey says

      HAHAHAHA I love that Linda!! I agree I thought eh why not give it a shot, and I tell ya I will be sticking to the good ol’ regular brownies!

  2. MryJhnsn says

    Funny, I posted a recipe today that is basically the same. I have never tried brownie mix but I do the cake mix all of the time and one thing I learned is to under cook (so it won’t get rubbery) and the other is to throw in some chocolate chips 🙂

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