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New Blurb Layflat Photo Books are Here!

Take your photo books to a whole other level with Layflat Photo Books! You can easily turn any photo book into a Layflat showcase with a gorgeous collection of seamless spreads. With Layflat, you can now go corner to corner and edge to edge across an entire two-page spread without losing any part of the image to the center. 

Whether you’re looking to make a gift, create a talking piece for your coffee table or create a portfolio for your self, Layflat can be a great choice! You get total creative control when you make a Layflat paper photo book with Blurb suite of free creative tools or Adobe InDesign.

And what’s even better is that Blurb books are reasonably priced! You get a show-stopping look and a high-end feel at a price point that won’t break the bank. Check out the new Layflat HERE!

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  1. Brandy says

    I hadn’t even heard of this company before. I Love photo books though, so I will try to make one using them. Very cool idea and beautiful design.

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