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Medela Calma Bottle Review

Medela Calma Bottle

I am a HUGE fan of Medela!! I have been using their products for the last 2.5 years, ever since I became a parent. My Pump In Style, is still strongly in use to this day!  I was SO excited to be able to try out the new Medela bottle that was made specifically for breastfed babies, especially because my breastfed baby was having a hard time accepting a bottle when I first went back to work when she was 5 months old.

When I first received the bottle, I was very intrigued by it. It does look a little strange the way that it is put together. The top of the nipple is completely open. I was a little skeptical about how it would work, but I thought, who would know better about how to get a bottle for breastfed babies, than the company with the BEST pump available!!

The Medela Calma bottle works through a series of valves. The top is composed of three different pieces. The nipple itself is soft, round and completely open in the top. The nipple attaches to the inner valve, which has a small hole on the inside close to the middle. It also fits into the outer valve. The outer valve also has a small hole in it as well. The inner valve has legs that go through the outer valve, which then in turn closes around the outer edge of the nipple. The legs that are sticking through are what the bottle screws into.

This set of valves is what really makes this bottle work like traditional breastfeeding. The baby has to really suck to get a ‘let down’. The milk never really collects in the nipple like traditional bottles.


My Thoughts

I was very impressed and pleased by this bottle! My daughter was really having a hard time picking a bottle that worked with her when I went back to work, and so I was dead set on getting this bottle to be the one that works for her!  We worked hard with her, and she has really decided that she loves this bottle. It really does seem to simulate breastfeeding, which is good so that your child doesn’t get confused and you can continue breastfeeding.

The Calma is definitely a favorite in our household!  We are very pleased with it!!  It’s easy to get apart so you can really get it clean, and it works wonderfully!


If you would like to purchase this bottle, you can from Medela, as well as many other online retailers for $17.99-$19.99.


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