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Masheroo! The Game of Mash or Be Mashed

Click Here to watch the video, if you can’t view it here.   Masheroo! The Game of Mash or Be Mashed is built around simple pattern designs, consisting of three shapes and two faces. Within the game play lies an adventure requiring logic, diplomacy, and luck. To be successful, players must sometimes create allies with opponents. Masheroo!, players each have a different pattern card they must build to win. Players take turns rolling a pair of dice to match playing pieces to their pattern card. On each turn, players must use one of the sides rolled to build or help an opponent build. Occasionally, the Masher Bolt is rolled. The Bolt allows a player the option to take away “a.k.a. mash” one row of an opponent’s built pattern. Masheroo!   This game is in the beginning stages, and right now they are looking for people to support them! They are a small game company with not a lot of funding on hand. They are looking for people to help support them, by doing a money pledge. Their are several options available, Click Here to view them.    What they are needing money for: Money pledged by you will be directly used for the printing and distribution of Masheroo! Any additional money received beyond the funding goal will be used to print more games. With any of those options, you will help my dreams become a reality – dreams to keep this game company producing games for you to enjoy.

Click Here to view video if you can’t view it here!


Plus I was able to review the game Pong Cano 🙂 This is a fun game for the family.

PongCano  is the fast paced skill game that keeps players erupting with laughter!Pong Cano
The task is simple – bounce the ball into the PongCano™
Players must
 control their nerves and hold their laughter until the ball lands safely in the
 bottom of the PongCano™ volcano.
This is really a neat game. It does take a perfect bounce to get your ball to land in the volcano! I love to win, and my hubby does too so it makes it that much more fun! I would recommend playing this game. It is perfect for the whole family, and would be a neat game to bring to a game night outing!
You can Buy PongCano for $13.99 right now on Amazon!

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