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Joovy Ultralight Caboose & Caboose Too Review

Joovy Ultralight Stroller

I recently received the Joovy Ultralight Caboose Stroller & the Accessory Caboose Too. I am a fairly new mother of 2 and have been on the market to find the “Perfect” stroller for both of the girls to ride in/on. I wanted something that would fit the needs of my girls, push easily, fold up easily, and keep my girls safe! I truly believe that I have found that with the Ultralight Caboose Stroller.

With a 2 year old, we are always on the go. The Stand-On stroller greatly fits the needs for our family. I like to be able to have a place for my 2 year old to sit when we are on the go when she gets tired of walking. With the Stand-On option, my daughter can choose to ride, or she can choose to walk beside the stroller; and we don’t have to take up any extra space no matter what she chooses to be doing.

Joovy 2 Caboose

Ultralight Caboose

Weight/Size: The Ultralight caboose is a “light” stroller. It only ways 21 pounds, which is significantly less than what my other tandem stroller weighed. It is very easy to fold up and put in the back of our Tahoe. It takes up less room than our previous Double Tandem stroller.

Canopy: The Canopy is one of my favorite features. I absolutely love that it can be moved around easily. I have always hated when I was on a walk and I had a screaming kid because the sun was in her eyes. With this canopy you can not only unfold it, but you can move it around so that you can block the sun from any direction. It also is a great size to shield both children from the sun.

Storage Basket: The basket is wonderful. It is a great size, and easy to get things in and out of. I also absolutely LOVE the pockets on the side. I am able to keep wipes in the side, and grab them quickly, and I don’t have to dig in the basket. I also love the way that the pockets velcro shut. When we go on walks, I can hide snacks or my wallet in there and I know that it won’t be easily found by anyone.

Child Tray: The child tray is a great size. It has a flat space, as well as a spot for 2 drinks. My daughter does have a few large sippy cups that didn’t fit well, but her other ones fit great. I like that you have to push 2 buttons to get the tray out, it helps make sure that my  daughter stays put, and she isn’t opening it herself.

Seat: The seat seems to be very comfortable for either of my children. They both enjoy riding in the stroller. The front seat has a partial recline. The back seat doesn’t have a back, so there is no recline. The seat does allow children up to 45 pounds to ride along, both in the front and the backseat.

Seatbelt: I loved how the seatbelt on the front can be made so that your child has shoulder straps, or you can take them off and just do it around their wast. The seatbelt does adjust well, so that children of many sizes can ride.

Infant Carrier: There are times when my youngest still enjoys riding in her carrier when we are out and about. I really liked how the stroller came with the carseat bar. The stroller is compatible with many different strollers, which is also a wonderful feature. The stroller also has a red safety belt to help secure your child to the stroller. I like that the safety belt is already there, as well as the fact that it has a hidden pocket to put the strap in when not in use.

Parent Organizer: The Parent Organizer comes with the Caboose Ultralight.  It is an extra purchase with the standard Caboose but not this one. It has 2 large pockets, 2 cup holders, as well as a zipper pouch. I am able to put everything that I could possibly need in it while we are out and about.


If you can’t view video Click Here to watch on YouTube.

Caboose Too

The Caboose Too Accessory is absolutely wonderful. It is quick and easy to attach to the stroller. It provides all of the wonderful features that the seat on the front of the Ultralight Caboose stroller also has, as well as the fact that you are able to put it on this stroller, and have it be a smaller Tandem Stroller. I really love the recline option for this seat. It has an extra safety on it that locks the seat into the perfect position.

I was concerned about the amount of leg space with this seat on the stroller. There really is a lot of leg room. I can easily put either of my children in it and they are satisfied. My 2.5 year old is very tall for her age, and she hasn’t complained yet about riding in the back.

I received this product for free to share my honest opinion! I was not compensated to provide opinion on products, services, websites. The views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely the blog owners.

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