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Insite Child Locator Separation Alarm – Helps Keeps Track Of Your Child

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The product mentioned below,  I received for free to try out and review and/or received compensation for it. Regardless, all opinions are my own. Thanks so much for reading and enjoy!!Insite child locator separation alarm

I am sure every parent has had a moment where they look up, and don’t see their child and go into a panic mode. Normally they are just off chasing a butterfly, or bent down looking at something, and then you have a huge sigh of relief. I have something I think every parent might want!  Audiovox introduced the Insite child locator separation alarm. It helps give parents extra relief on keeping track of child.

InSite CRF104 Smiley Flower Child Locator with Parent TransmitterInSite CRF104 Smiley Flower Child Locator with Parent Transmitter


You can choose a flower or soccer ball style, and this is a separation alarm! It has a range of around 100 feet or more, where if your child goes out of the range, your little key chain will let out a loud 88dB ring which brings instant attention to a child’s location, so you can easily find them. You can carry the transmitter on your keychain, purse, or wherever! If you see your child is out of view, you can easily press the alarm button, to locate your child.

Insite Child Locator Separation Alarm

Now the flower or soccer ball can attach to a child’s sneaker, belt look, back pack or wherever else. I think it is smart to do something like a shoe lace, because it would take a lot of effort to get it off the shoe if it is laced up. We all get busy and it is easy to lose sight of a kid, even if they are not necessarily missing, it would be a great way to track them if you can find them. 

I know for big events like our State Fair, their are always hundreds of people, and it is easy to get lost in the crowd. Even hitting up your local mall could be a bit hectic if they are packed full of people. I just think this is a great product that is affordable, and could really help you to have a little security on your child when you are in a busy place!

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You can order this InSite CRF104  Child Locator with Parent Transmitter online.

Is this something you would use for your child? 

Reader Interactions


  1. Brandy M. says

    One of these would be nice just for around our little town. For example it is fair week and I like letting the boys have some free rein while I am working. The other day I went out and it took me 15 minutes to track down whether they were in the animal barn, grandstands or checking out the equipment. Thanks!

  2. Andrea Kruse says

    The flower is so cute! I would love to use this on outtings to a park, or even some birthday parties. Park parties, on busy Summer days, are the worst! So hard to keep track of my 3 kids in a sea of little people. I have resorted to dressing them in day-glo, but I think they might enjoy wearing this tracker a bit more.

  3. Crystal says

    Now that my kids outnumber the parents, I’m constantly counting to make sure I have them. This would make me feel so much more secure when we out in large crowds.

  4. Tim Elliott says

    I am looking for something that will help my father remember his walker. For example if he were to start walking and forgets to use his walker an alarm would go off to alert him to get his walker. would this work what is the shortest distance you can set

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