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If you suffer from back pain, BackJoy might be a product to try out!

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If you suffer from back pain, BackJoy might be a product to try out!

BackJoy gently lifts your pelvis forward to correctly align you spine.  This allows your body weight to be placed on proper weight bearing bones, alleviating pain and strain from the spine’s muscles and ligaments.

Like a pain relieving shock absorber, BackJoy lifts your pelvis off the sitting surface, allowing it to rest in the muscle tissue of your buttocks.  BackJoy allows your pelvis to remain upright, like when you stand, minimizing the wear and tear on the joints and eliminating pressure.  The result is a pain-free back and muscles when you sit.


 I was actually really interested in testing out this product. I have never had the best posture growing up. I remember being told to sit up straight, or don’t hunch over like that. I have scoliosis, so I do have back pains here and there often. When the BackJoy arrived, I made sure to read up on how to use it properly, and got to using it.

I work from home, and tend to be at the computer most of the day, I thought why not test this while working at my desk! The texture of this product is pretty stiff but it has a good cushion on it, so it doesn’t hurt when you sit on it. Honestly after a few minutes I almost forgot I was sitting on it. I did notice while using this I noticed a bit of a difference in my posture, and I didn’t get any pains or aches while I was sitting and working. I have used this for awhile now, and I think it is a great product. For me the results while using it were kind of subtle, and it is something after awhile you don’t realize their was a change.

This product is nice because it is very light, and you can just take it anywhere you want, with no worries of having to haul a heavy item around! I would recommend this BackJoy  for those who work at a desk all day, or have some back issues, this product might be a great fit for you!

Where to Purchase: 

You can shop the BackJoy line online! They have a store with all of their products up for grabs!

I received this product for free to share my honest opinion! I was not compensated to provide opinion on products, services, websites. The views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely the blog owners.

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