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I Love the Tranquil Turtle – Helps Lull Children to Sleep

Tranquil Turtle

Tranquil Turtle projects a magical underwater light effect with a gentle wave motion and plays two soothing sounds (tranquil melody or ocean sounds) to help lull children to sleep. Lights can be set to still or wave motion, adjustable brightness. Auto shut-off after 23 minutes.The Tranquil Turtle comes in green or purple.

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I must admit that when i was given the opportunity to review Cloud B’s newest product, I couldn’t be happier. I have heard nothing but wonderful things about all of their products and I was willing to give the turtle a try on my youngest. I have recently been working on helping my 4 month old go to sleep on her own!  She does a WONDERFUL job going to sleep on her own in her swing, but I’ve put off really working on getting her to go to sleep on her own in her bed for nap time. (She does just fine at bedtime) I thought that the “Tranquil Turtle” would be the perfect transition, and I was right. I have been trying it for the last week, and she is doing great. She loves to watch it and then falls asleep. I absolutely love that it plays for 23 minutes before it shuts off. I’ve had similar products before that either go ALL THE TIME, or shut off after 5 minutes. I think that the 23 minutes really gives your child enough time to fall asleep, and they aren’t disturbed by it turning off before they are asleep.We even happened to be on vacation the last few days, and were able to take it along with us. It is small enough to travel easily, and it’s nice to have your night light and your sound machine combined in one product.

My best friend is expecting twins in a couple months, and I know that this will be the PERFECT item for her!  This is a wonderful product, and I really believe that it can be very helpful to any child that is learning to sleep on their own!!

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If you are interested in learning more about “The Tranquil Turtle” or see other products that they offer, please click here.

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