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How to Return to a Clean Home After Vacation

With these helpful tips, you’ll be able to return to a clean home after vacation and avoid that post-vacay stress!

Summertime means vacation time! It’s fun to get away from your family’s normal routine and explore a new location, or maybe just relax at the beach or a lake.

Whatever your destination or length of time you’ll be gone, it’s wonderful to come back to a clean home after your vacation, right?

My family is headed to the beach later this month, and I’m already thinking about what I can do beforehand to make both the vacation and the returning home experience the most enjoyable.

Here’s what I’ve got on my checklist so far:

  • Clean out the fridge. Limit the groceries you buy the week before you leave and try to eat up as much as you can before you go. Toss anything that doesn’t get eaten and won’t last while you’re gone. Wipe up any spills.
  • Run the dishwasher. Don’t let dirty dishes sit in the dishwasher – they’ll get seriously stinky! Unload the dishwasher and put away all the dishes if you have time.
  • Clean the sink. Scrub it down thoroughly, and make sure there’s no food in the garbage disposal or drain that could rot or attract bugs.
  • Take out the trash. You’ll definitely want to bring the kitchen trash out, but also check the other trash receptacles around your house.
  • Check the laundry. Get caught up on laundry before you leave so that you can pack your favorite items. Make sure the washer and dryer are empty, and leave the washer door open to air it out.
  • Water your indoor plants. Give them a good drink before you go. Also coordinate outdoor watering with a neighbor or friend, if needed.
  • Clean as much as possible. Tidy the bathrooms, make your beds with fresh sheets, and pick up the house. Sweep, mop, and vacuum the floors.

One way to make sure your floors are spic and span is to run a robotic vacuum like the Neato D8 Robot Vacuum!

You may have seen other robot vacuums before, but a Neato robot vacuum is really special. It has a D-shaped design that can reach into corners better than competitors.

The D8 specifically has some features that are pretty awesome:

  • Spiral Combo Brush that’s up to 70% bigger than round robots and is effective on any surface – hardwood, carpet, or tile!
  • 0.7-Liter Dirt Bin holds more dirt, dust, and dander to quickly and completely clean your floors.
  • High-Performance Filter is designed to capture up to 99% of allergens that make you sneeze and itch.

The Neato D8 Robot Vacuum cleans up to 750 square feet on a single charge, and it can auto-recharge and resume to finish the job. So yes, it can clean all your floors while you’re gone!

And it’s the perfect solution for cleaning while you’re gone since you can control your robot remotely through the MyNeato app. Schedule cleaning with Routines and create virtual No-Go Zones to define areas you want your robot to avoid.

Save $200 on the Neato D8

Now through 10/16/21, you can save $200 on the Neato D8 – no coupon code needed! It comes with a 1-year limited warranty, and you can always order replacement Parts & Accessories, if needed.

The Neato D8 Robot Vacuum is a great way to help you return to a clean home after vacation!

What other ideas do you have for coming home to a clean house after vacation? Share your tips in the comments!

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