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How To Make a Country Theme Wall Window

Here is a fun craft, I decided to make. Now let me say I found this old window at a Flea Market for ONLY $1 the other day! The glass was already out of it, and I thought, WOOHOO what a find!! This whole craft only costed me $2 Note, that most of this stuff I had around the house! The only thing I had to buy was Chicken Wire, and the window!
Here is how to make this fun craft!! 

Start with an old window – with the glass taken out of it!
Take a scraper and take off the paint that is loose. After you get all the loose paint off, you can choose to leave it how it looks or you can paint it however you would like. In my case I chose to keep it with some of the old paint on it, and make it look old.
Cut your chicken wire to fit around the frame. Once you have the chicken wire the right size, you can take a stapler or a hammer and small nails and secure the chicken wire around the border of the frame! I used hammer and nails because that is what I had on hand. 
Then once the wire is secure you can hang it on your wall! I decided to put old kitchen utensils in it, along with a few pictures, and a recipe. You can put whatever you want for your decor. I used clothespins to secure the pictures on the wire. 
That simple! A fun and easy decor DIY project! Love to here your thoughts on this project, or idea’s on what else you would put in the frame as decor?!

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