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How to Make a Natural Spider Repellent- Two Steps!

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How to Make A Natural Spider Repellent Using Essential Oil

diy natural spider repellant spray with essential oil

If you could ask me one thing I would love to see less of, it would be spiders! We live in the country now and it seems like I see twice as many as when I lived in town! Here is how to make a natural spider repellent at home using essential oils! If you’re interested in making this, then keep reading! It is a nice safe non-toxic way to spray your home for spiders and not have to worry about chemicals!

DIY natural spider repellent

With Clay being so young, I worry about spraying with harsh chemicals and him coming into contact with it and getting sick, so this is a great alternative, and it makes your home smell amazing! Fewer spiders AND a great smelling home? That is a total win-win situation to me!

 Empty Amber Glass Spray Bottle Peppermint Essential Oil 4 oz


I didn’t realize this when I first was using Essential oils, but you need to store them in a glass bottle if you use them for sprays. If they are in a plastic bottle it can eat away the plastic or cave the bottle in. The essential oils are to strong for plastic. I picked up my glass bottle on Amazon, and had it shipped to my house!

natural spider repellent

Bye Bye Spiders – Nice Knowing You! 

As you can see below, it is really easy to make this DIY natural spider repellent. I have found it is helping to minimize how many spiders we see on the regular! In Kansas we have some poisonous spiders so I want to do everything I can to get rid of them! You do have to do this each week, you just spray doorways, windows, base boards, or anywhere you think spiders can sneak in! Each time you simply shake your bottle, that helps disperse the peppermint in the water, and start spraying! It takes just a few minutes to get it done, and is so worth it, if you hate spiders like me!


Now I want to say we still see a spider here and there, since using the spray I have seen a lot less spiders! That makes my heart just sing with joy!

DIY Natural Spider Repellant

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