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Gender Reveal + SUA Diagnoses

Gender Reveal

Yesterday we had went to our first sonogram appointment and we were able to find out the gender! At first the baby was not wanting to share if it was a girl or a boy, the legs were crossed forever!!!! But I got a little glimpse and Adam did too, and we both thought we knew. Then she made me go to the restroom, as my bladder was too full, and when I laid back down, the baby spread the legs so we could see!

The Gender Reveal ……..

Its A Boy

IT IS A BOY!!!!!!!!!! Watching our little man on the sonogram was so sweet. He was extremely active and already has such a personality! He had one hand behind his head, like he was posing! The only thing is he wouldn’t let us get a profile picture, he was a bit shy! His heart rate was 151 which is really good, and him being active is such a good thing.

After my sonogram, I had to go to a dr. appointment, so we went in thinking everything was perfect. The doctor ended up saying we have what is called a Two Vessel Umbilical Cord. Or the term is SUA (Single Umbilical cord Artery). He should have three vessels, but some women only have two. They don’t know how or why this happens, it is more common than not. But their are some risk factors that will have to be monitored very closely. The main concerns are if he can grow and get the nutrients he needs and that his organs are good and strong.

When I first found out I was an emotional wreck, I cried so much yesterday. But I read some info and educated myself more, and I am feeling a lot better today!

With SUA, it makes it hard for the baby at times to get all the nutrients it needs, and to get rid of the waste and such properly. Some babies who have SUA tend to have a lower birth rate. I will have to go in every 4 weeks for a sonogram to monitor his growth, to make sure he is growing good. If not I will have to deliver early and he will have to be in NICU as he isn’t getting the nutrients he needs from me. Their is a chance of birth defects as well but it is a 1% chance they said. I was waiting on the official report from the sonogram, and I finally got the results.

Right now he is measuring in the 50% percentile of growth (which is perfectly fine they said), all his organs look perfect, and their are no defects at this time. He is spot on where he needs to be at this stage, which is SUCH A RELIEF!!!! My amniotic fluid is good, so they will keep monitoring that as well, as I can lose it, and have to be induced, that is something that can happen with SUA.

The nurse did say she has seen a lot of women have this, and their babies are perfectly healthy, and they can go to full term! She told me not to worry about it, and just take care of myself, eat protein, and hope for the best. After getting the official results I feel so much better, yesterday I was pretty worried. But reading up and hearing his heart and organs are okay, I feel such a relief!

God is so good, and I know he is with me through this, and he is protecting our little guy and he will be here and be perfect in every way! I would love prayers for him and myself to make sure he stays healthy! Getting the 4 week sonograms will be good to see, that he is doing okay. I am very confident in my doctor, he is truly amazing, and I love my nurse Laura! She really cares about my feelings, and I couldn’t ask for a better doctor and nurse!


Thank you for reading and following my journey! 

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