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Fun Peanut Butter Apple Teeth – Easy to Make and Great Snack!

Peanut Butter Apple TeethHere is a super easy snack that would be great for after-school treat! Plus these are fun around Halloween as well! I am a huge fan of apples with peanut butter, that is my favorite way to eat an apple! Or drench it in caramel sauce! Here is a really easy and fun Peanut Butter Apple Teeth that you could create, or have your kiddo’s help you!

Apple Core Now to make it easy to cut the apple you can use an Apple Slicer, this makes it really easy to slice the apple. If you don’t have one and don’t want to buy one, no biggie just cut it up with a knife!

These are pretty self explanatory on how to make them, but I will go ahead and share the recipe and how-to anyway!

Peanut Butter Apple TeethIngredients: 

apple (Any Kind works)
Jar of Peanut Butter (you will use about 1/4 to a 1/2 cup for one apple-depending on amount you put on them)
Mini Marshmallows 
Peanut Butter Apple TeethHow To Make: 
1. Start by slicing your apple.
2. Then take a teaspoon or two of peanut butter and spread on the side of the apple.
3. Next place a row of mini marshmallows across the apples.
4. Once you have your marshmallows on the apples, sandwich them together, and press firmly and they will stick and you will have your set of teeth! 
Apple Teeth
And your done! These are so easy to make, and super tasty! So if you want to make a fun snack, I highly suggest trying out these fun teeth! With Halloween around the corner, this would be a fun treat to make for a party as a snack! 
What is your favorite way to eat an apple? 

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