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Free Must Have Apps for Back to School To Make Life Easier!

Must Have Back to School AppsSchool is about to start in most area’s so I thought it was a great time to share some Free Must Have Apps for Back to School! These apps offer a variety of benefits from helping you getting organized, holding notes, scheduling and much more. Check out all these awesome Free Apps you might want to download today!

My Homework App

  • Cost: FREE
  • Available: Apple, Android, Kindle, And Computer

This app helps students stay on track with their classroom assignments and classes, and more. It is like having a virtual planner. Looks like a really awesome app!

School A to Z

  • Cost: FREE
  • Available: Apple Products

Homework is an important part of learning, but sometimes parents find it hard to keep up with what needs to be done. Here is a range of resources to point you in the right direction. There are also some useful tips and help sheets to improve study skills in these areas.


  • Cost: FREE
  • Available: Apple,Google Android, Blackberry Products

Evernote has a Free Option as well as paid. This app synchronizes your class notes, lists, and more. Then you can search for easy access. It is a great way to stay organized with help from the app. App

  • Cost: FREE
  • Available: Apple and Android

This App is what it says. With over 2 million definitions, this will help your kids or yourself to learning words and the meanings easier!

Graphing Calculator

  • Cost: FREE
  • Available: Apple Products

The Graphing Calculator is really neat. No need to go out and buy a really expensive calculator for school. You can use this, for all your math needs. You might have to check and ensure your school will allow this.

Brain Booster

  • Cost: Free
  • Available: Apple and Android

Here is a fun one, Brain Booster is full of games to help boost your brain! Great for when you travel, fun time after school work or whenever you would like. These games are beneficial and don’t feel like they are learning along the way.

Student Tracker Life 360 Locator 

  • Cost: FREE
  • Available: Apple, Android, Blackberry

This is an app to keep track of your kiddo’s as they are walking home from school, bus, or while at school. This can help bring peace to the parents. It is a really neat app to have!  Constant communication keeps your mind at ease by knowing your family members are safe when they reach their next location.


Reader Interactions


  1. Jeanette says

    These are are really awesome apps! I am loving apps! How did we survive with out them? LOL Once my son gets a little older he will be getting homework and this will help keep it all together!

  2. Ruth V. says

    Alright, you convinced me! I’m downloading Evernote. Everyone keeps talking about it 🙂 Great list – I’ll be downloading some of these for sure!

  3. Dawn says

    I LOVE technology! I remember when high school math required an $80.00 calculator. Now you can do it all for free on your phone.

    • Christine says

      Well clearly there really is an app for every thing! I’m going to check these out. 4 in school this year!

  4. Stacey - Travel Blogger says

    I think the graphing calculator app would be the bomb. I remember just how expensive those graphing calculators were back in school. If you could get an app that performs the same functions, I would be all for it!

  5. Ann Bacciaglia says

    These are great back to school apps. I will have to give the homework app a try. I can not believe how fast the summer has flown by.

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