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5 Fall Car Care Tips – That will help keep your car in great shape

Fall Car Care Tips

Car maintenance is so important to keep your in tip top shape. If you don’t keep your oil changed when needed and fresh windshield wipers on you could end up in some trouble. I was raised from a young age to take care of my car, checking tires, and such. It just so happened I married a man that went to school for mechanics, so I still know how important it can be.

I did a post for prepping your car for winter, and now I wanted to talk about 5 Fall car care tips! These tips are pretty easy to do, and if you need help you can reach out to a car dealership or mechanic shop, and they can help you out. It is worth putting money towards your car so that it keeps you safe!

Windshield Wipers: Make sure your windshield wipers are good and working well. If they are streaking your windshield they might need to be wiped off, or a new set put on. They are very affordable and can really save you on a rainy day!

Car Battery: Making sure your car battery is clean from erosion is very important. With frigid weather, it can really wreak havoc over your battery. You don’t want it to be really cold out and your car battery dies, and your stuck in the cold for awhile. Just look at the terminals to ensure they are clean. If your battery is getting old you might think about investing in a new one.

Tires: When you look over your tires ensure they have good tread, no bald spots, and look good. If you see some cracks on them, it means they are aging. It can lead to a tire blowing out when you are traveling on the road, so you really want to check your tires often!

Check all Fluid Levels: Another really important thing to do is check your power steering, break fluid, washer fluid, and transmission fluid. Refill if needed, to make sure they are at the right levels. If you are unsure go to a mechanic and have them do it for you.

Heater Working: If you live where it is colder in the Fall, make sure your heater is working good. You want to ensure it can warm your car nicely, and it isn’t having issues. The test run could really help you out in the long run!
What is one thing you do for your car for prepping for Fall weather? 

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